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Amazing Astro Experiences & Prashna chart

Amazing Astro Experiences & Prashna chart


Anil Aggarwala

In Sept .1973 Normally then everybody use to sleep in the verandahs in summer. As usual, my Dadi (grandmother) was sleeping next to my cot. My father had given an add. for my Marriage fixation then. Just then when I got up I told my grandmother that, today my Marriage will be fixed. She asked me how ? I told her that there was a Car which went in front of the house and I saw a  fair looking Girl sitting at the back, she asked me then what happens ? . I told her that they had come to see our house and the locality where we reside, because it is a matter of concern for the Parents. I also told her that where ever they live in Delhi they would reach home within 35 to 40 minutes and they would make a call for an appointment.. Surprisingly the phone call came just in 35 to 40 minutes and my father fixed an appointment with them for the day. I asked my father to cancel the appointment fixed for the other people who were to come at 11.00 am. To my Surprise, they were the same people and I recognized them by their car.  Latter my marriage was fixed there itself.                                                          

One of my friends in astrology class brought a horoscope of a female relative, born on the 27th Oct 1983 17:56 hrs Delhi on the 9th March 2011. He wanted to Match the horoscope with a Boy who had come from America on the 3rd March 2011. He told me that if the horoscope matches, then the Boy in question will come to see the girl on a day chosen as a good Muhurat. He also told me that the two families knew each other. After looking at the Boys horoscope, who was a Virgo Lagna, I told my class mate that the boy had already seen a girl 3 days back on the 6th March 2011, and the Boy had already decided to Marry that Girl mentally, and hence he will not come to see the Girl in question, inspite of the fact that the two horoscopes are matching.  My classmate was taken aback and did not believe it. After 3 days my classmate called me and told me that the Boy had fixed the Marriage with the girl whom he had seen on the 6th March 2011, hence he did not come to see the girl in Question. I has applied the Timing Parameters and specially the Parameter Piya Milan, in both the horoscopes. In case of the Boy The Double Transit of Saturn and Jupiter activated the 7th house. The Lagna Lord Mercury and Jupiter were there in the 7th house in Pisces along with Moon. Mercury had entered in Pieces on the 6th March  2011 only. In the case of the Girl The Double Transit was not activated, Although  Saturn had activated the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord and  Mars the Lagna Lord  in Transit was also aspecting both the Natal Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord in the 5th house from the Aquarius sign.

Another first and foremost thing which a good astrologer does. Draws a Prashna chart at the time of query of the client or when the client visits him. This chart is indicative of the query of the client, plus it shows, the fulfillment of the query using prashna shastra. In the horoscope we are limited to no. of houses for a particular query or event, but in Prashna chart we have 12 houses for the same query. we can therefore fine tune our predictions on that. My experience on this. In the peak of this summer this year a client came to me for consulting me. The moment he entered my house the AC stopped functioning. I could clearly predict that the query will not be full filled. The client came for the matching of a horoscope and the Matching was 22 guna matching, still the Bride side did not agree to the match. Face to face query is always better for predictions.                                                                                                

A VERY INTERESTING EPISODE One of my daughters friend called me up on the 25th
April 2011 at 18:19hrs New Delhi. She had a query. I asked her to wait and call
me after 5 minutes. I immediately opened my Laptop and drew the chart. Libra
Lagna and Lagna Lord and 7 Lord in the 6th house. Now if Lagna Lord or 7th lord
is posited in the 3,6,8,12 houses, the Prashna relates to missing article.
Further if Saturn is also in the 7, 8 or 12th house it is a chor prashna as per
classical texts. Hence I told the querist that the query is pertaining to a missing
Something to do with some theft type of an activity. She confirmed it.
She told me that there was a Couple Kitty in her house on the 19th April 2011
evening. All couples give the money in an envelope, with their names
written .The host collected the envelopes and kept it her almirah. On 25th
April 2011 she opened the envelopes and found that in one envelope there were
only Rs. 4000/- as against Rs.35000/-. She was in a fix and did not know what to
do since the envelopes were under lock and key and there was no possibility of
any one removing the money. Her husband told her that since she had discovered
it late, she could not blame anybody. The best course of action is to forget it.
Just then the native called me. Prashna Gyan of Bhattopala says that is Mars and
Saturn are in 3,6,8 or 12 houses without the involvement of Jupiter and the
Lagna happens to be 2,4,5,or 7 sign. The query pertains to Theft or missing
article, but since this had a involvement of Jupiter, I told her It is not done
with any motive, it is a mistake and the moment you contact the couple they
will hand over the balance money. She was hesitant but when I gave her the
complete description of the couple, she immediately decided to go to the couple. In the prashna chart Jupiter the lord of the 6 house in own sign and own
navamsha.The case is of article misplaced and not stolen. Moon is the strongest
planet in the chart, and exalted in Navamsha. The sign rising is also female hence
Mistake of the female. The 7th Lord is Venus and placed in a female sign hence
mistake of the female. Since the D3 chart has the first Dreshkanna, I told her
that the money would have been handed over at the gate of their house. She
confirmed it. Moon is the strongest planet and placed in the Kendra and arudha
Lagna is also fixed, hence the couple does not live far away from their house.
This also she conformed. Now Exalted Sun is aspecting the Lagna and is in the
second Dreshkanna, Hence money is lying in the house of a very beautiful women.
Sun is in the 7th house and the age of the beautiful women is 6×7= 42 years
Travelling of sun for one house is taken as 6 years .——- She confirmed all details given by me. Movable sign rising in the Lagna hence outsider which was also confirmed
Sun is exalted in the 7th house The lady comes from a very influential and a
royal family all confirmed by the native. Sun in the 7th house the lady is well
built and has sparse hair all confirmed by the native. Movable sign rising and a
shirsodaya sign and Mars and Moon having bhavishya ithsala yoga. Moon is 15
degrees and the Lagna Lord is Mars at 24 degrees, hence I told her that she
should visit the couple on the 9th day since difference of Moon and Mars degrees
that is 19 plus 9 =28th April or 27th April 2011. The native went to the couple
on the 27th April 12:15 noon when Moon was in the 8th house Good for finding
missing articles Cancer Lagna and benefics in the 9 House and malefic in the
3,6,11 house. She got her money from the lady The native was surprised that we
could predict almost 100 %.

YET ANOTHER EPISODE On 23 rd March 2011 I went for a walk as usual in the Park which is in front of my house . I saw my Lady neighbor after quite some time. I could not stop myself looking at her, because the way she was walking . I was wondering and started to think about her. I came back home and told my wife about the lady neighbor I also told my wife she is definitely running the dasha of SATURN. Just then a bell rang and I found her at my gate. She told me she wanted to consult me. I came in my consultation room along with her and noted the time and before I started to do any analysis. I told her that I wanted to put some questions. She gave me a reply in affirmative. Question I asked her are you early 1953 born ? She replied yes. Why I was able to find the year was as already I observed she has Saturn Dasha and Saturn would be transiting over natal Saturn at close degrees . On this I could place Saturn Rashi and even the degrees Saturn when it started to Retrograde in transit presently would be close to the natal degrees of Saturn. Later I found that Saturn started to retrograde at 23 degrees and 12 minutes where as her Natal Saturn was at 27 degrees I then asked her if she was born at the time of Sun rise which she also confirmed. I could place her chart in my mind and obviously Taurus Lagna looking at the features and the height of the native. Saturn in the 5 House aspecting the 7 House, 11 house and the 2nd house and aspecting Mars and Mercury in the 2 House. Saturn is aspected by Jupiter the 22 DK Lord in the D1 and also in the D3. She was running the dasha of Saturn- Mercury which started on the 5th Dec 2010 to 23 rd April 2011. I then drew the Prashna chart at the time she had come to me. I could make out the way she was walking that the Prashna is about sickness, In the case of a Disease the 4 kendras are very important LAGNA is Doctor. Lagna was Virgo and had Saturn Retrograde Malefic in the Lagna shows Doctor is competent, but will speak harshly. Since the Malefic is retrograde, the native will have to go to the previous doctor. 4 HOUSE had Rahu diagnosis is not proper, wrong medication. It will take time to recover. 7 HOUSE Treatment had Sun Jupiter and Debilitated Mercury. Two benefics and one malefic. Benefics in the 7 house —– curable disease. Malefic Sun at close degrees to Lagna degrees may require radio therapy. Since the Asc Degree was 1 and 55 minutes, it indicated a disease between the head to neck, the native confirmed it. The disease was Meningitis and high fever. Sun in the house of disease also indicates fever. Moon in the 3, 6, 10 and 11 houses shows early recovery. Benefics in 1,5,7,8 houses indicate early recovery. Benefics Jupiter and Mercury in the 7 house. In the Prashna chart Moon was in the 3rd house and 2 Benefics in the 7 house. I told her recovery will be soon if you change the doctor or go to the previous doctor. In case you have changed the Doctor, it could be because of the because of Retrograde planet in the Lagna. She went back to the previous Doctor and the treatment was changed and she recovered slowly. ONSET OF DISEASE ——- The disease starts from the 6 house and is felt when the planet reaches the 7 House .I could place the timing of the disease since On 6th Dec 2010 Jupiter the 8 Lord had changed sign and come into the 7 house from the 6 House and also aspected by the 6 Lord Saturn. Roughly the onset of the disease was around the 6th Dec 2010.                            Now finding the exact timing ——- Lagna nak is Uttraphalguni and Moon nakshatra is Vishaka Counting from Lagna nakshatra to the Moon nakshatra is 5 now again counting from Moon nakshatra 5 nakshatra that is Poorvashadha, hence fine tuning it when Moon was in Poorva shadha there was onset of the disease the date came 7th. Dec 2010. She confirmed it. I told her to take care and be cautious till Jupiter shifts sign till 8th May 2011. The nakshatra of Jupiter at the time of changing the sign was Jyestha which is Viput Tara from Moon It was also Amavasya when Jupiter shifted sign. In her horoscope also. She is born on a Amavasya day I have told her to be careful after 8th May 2011 also since all the planets will be there in the 8 house of the Prashna chart and in  the 12th  house of the native birth chart on the 11th May 2011. There is no danger to the patient since there is no ithasala yoga between the Lagna Lord and the 8 Lord. Lagna is not posited in Dwadashamsha of Sun hence cannot lead to a death like situation, although 8 Lord in the Prashna chart is stronger than the Lagna Lord. The lady is ok now and started to go to the office.

In the year in the early 2010, one of my friend in Dubai called me up and asked when he should invest in the share market. I asked him to call his broker and find out and also talk to me then about his activity at that point of time. He called me up again after 2 minutes and he told me that the broker was going down on the escalator . I immediately told him to wait for the investment, since as per shakun astrology the share market would go down steeply, since the escalator was also a steep one. After a few days my friend confirmed the same.

One of my friend called me up to find out how will be the day since he had a court case. I asked him when was he supposed to leave for the same. He told me he was about to leave in about 20 to 25 minutes. I immediately drew the chart and found concentration of malefics in the 7th house and the Asc was in early degrees around  7. I immediately told him, that there will be difficulty in your reaching the court, because of traffic jams, therefore he should go early. In the evening he confirmed that he was trapped in the traffic jam and could not reach the court in time, the hearing was postponed for another day. 7th house is the road in the Prashna chart and since had malefics he could not reach the court because of the affliction to the 7th house.

In the year Jan 2011 when the new session of the Jyotish Acharaya started, A good looking girl joined our session and came and sat next to me. Just by Looking at her I could place her Jupiter and was sure that Jupiter is aspecting her Lagna, the other thing I noticed was, she had sharp features. I  could immediately form an opinion that she is a native having fixed Lagna and Venus in mostly in a Kendra, she had broad forehead, hence Sun near Lagna, Now by roughly calculating her age by looks, she seemed to be born in the year 1972, since strong Jupiter was in own sign in Sagittarius aspecting the Lagna.  My Jupiter is also in own sign Sagittarius, will immediately recognize those having strong Jupiter. I asked her if she was 1972 born and if her Jupiter was aspecting the Lagna ?. She replied in affirmative and was amazed. The next thing I asked her if she was Leo Lagna as per the above conditions mentioned. She replied in positive. Why I could place Leo sign was that, for fixed lagna for Jupiter to be in Sagittarius and aspecting the Lagna was the only possibility. Next I told her she has to be born around July 1972 for Sun to be near Lagna and Venus to be in Kendra and in the 10th house; I also told her that she is born in the first half of the day and around 09:00 am. I was also able to place the slow moving planets Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in her chart. My predictions were going 100%. She told me that she was born on the 14th Jul 1972 08:30 am Delhi. I asked her about Marriage, since Saturn and Venus as per me were in the 10th house and Jupiter in the 5th house, was it a little delay Marriage and she confirmed.  Is this not amazing. Learning astrology is different and application is a separate thing and all can apply. It is not at all difficult.

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