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Gandanta Case Studies by G. H. Visweswara

Gandanta Case Studies by G. H. Visweswara


Rashi Sandhi & Gandanta: What literature on astrology says.

Literature on Astrology says that planets positioned at the end of all the signs cause health as well as relationship problem.

The karakatwa related to those houses such as marriage, profession would not be stable. Planets placed at the beginning of a sign are weak and helpless to deliver the expected results. Such planets cause delay in marriage or finding a job or begetting children etc.

The Gandanta portions of nakshatra form another class of sandhi which is considered inauspicious. The portions of the nakshatra are:

  • Last 3 deg 20 min of Aslesha & first 3 deg 20 min of Makha.
  • Last 3 deg 20 min of Jyeshta & first 3 deg 20 min of Mula.
  • Last 3 deg 20 min of Revati & first 3 deg 20 min of Ashwini.

These are the malefic junction regions in a chart. Among these Parasara considers

the Jyeshta-Mula gandanta to be the worst afflicted and the Revati-Ashwini to be the least problematic.

Gandanta is considered particularly inopportune because it is a double sandhi, a juncture of both two rasis as well as two nakshatras.

Effect of planets placed in Gandanta

Planets located in these degrees in the rasi are very weak irrespective of their placement status and indicate major problems in native’s life unless the planets involved are strengthened by appropriate remedies. The area of one degree on either side is considered as the area of malefic content. All astrological texts affirm that a planet in Rasi-sandhi destroys that Rasi, irrespective of karakatwa of the planet.

Naturally malefic planets such as Sun, Mars, Ketu, Rahu, Saturn, afflicted Mercury, waning and afflicted Moon are innately predisposed to cause disturbance in health. While out of these Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn are the usual suspects.

Saturn and Rahu are also the Karakas of disease and if they are linked in any manner with the disease ruling 6th house, they are rendered especially potent to give ill-health according to the Sign, Planet, House or the Karaka they afflict.

Dasa of planets placed in the Rasi Sandhi/Gandanta are terrible to the house lorded by the planet and the natural significations of the planet.

Timing of inauspicious effects

Planets showcase an inauspicious effect when placed in these areas or transiting these highly sensitized zones while adverse Mahadasa (Major Periods: MD), Antardasa (Sub Periods: AD) or Pratyantardasa (Sub-Sub-Periods: PD) are running. During such periods, these planets could lead to adverse incidents such as accident, injury, serious health problem, and break in relationship or some other distress, giving a lot of physical and mental pain. The Dasa of a planet in Rasi-Sandhi (especially Gandanta) can bring sorrow and disease. If the planet is in the last degree of the sign, it may even inflict death. The trouble would be more evident in the Antardasa of a malefic and would be less during the Antardasa of a benefic.


A Gandanta planet should never be ignored. Something serious is possible during the dasa of a planet placed in Gandanta. If such a person comes to the astrologer, advice remedial measures like Mahamrityunjay Mantra, which can alleviate suffering to some extent. During Gandanta nakshatra dasa or maraka dasas perform Ayushya Homa to improve longevity. It is suggested that the deity of the nakshatra lord is to be propitiated for the solution to this predicament.

Combinations for accidents:

  • While analysing the results of Gandanta placement, it may be useful to note the following combinations for accidents:
  • Mars and Rahu are karaka for accidents; Rahu can cause sudden accidents;
  • Mars (natural owner of 8H) dasa if Mars connects to 12H;
  • Mars-Jupiter combination in Lagna causes fractures and accidents;
  • Mars-Saturn in 12H; Saturn transit over Mars or at trinal positions to it at exact degree;
  • Venus-Rahu dasa can cause accidents, depending on placement etc.;
  • Rahu in 5th from Moon—accident prone, danger from water;
  • Ketu– injuries from accidents and fire; Ketu in 6H with 6L—injuries by accidents;
  • Afflicted 10L in 12H;
  • 3H when afflicted — accidents on road or when on the move;
  • 6H and 8H;
  • Only malefics in Kendras;
  • Strong 8H is said to give protection from accidents.


With the above background, a few case studies are presented to illustrate and verify the effects of planets in Gandanta. Some of the data are of persons known to the author and a few are selected from Astro-databank.

Conditions observed:

When an accident or operation or serious illness occurs in a horoscope with planet in Gandanta, it is found that

  • The Mahadasa Lord (MDL), Antardasa Lord (ADL) and Pratyantar dasa Lord (PDL) all are ‘associated’ with the Gandanta planet in D-1 or D-9.
  • In transit, all three dasa lords and additionally the Lagna lord (LL) and Moon come under the ‘influence’ of natal or transit Gandanta planet. Influence can be by aspect, conjunction, exchange or by placement in the sign owned by the Gandanta planet or influence on the dispositor of the concerned planet. The Gandanta planet itself need not necessarily be influenced by natal Gandanta planet.
  • The seriousness of the incident is dependent on the degree of malfeasance the ADL.


In one case, where Ketu alone was in last degree of Gandanta, it has not caused any mishaps/accidents/sickness under similar conditions.

Note: All accidents or sickness for such natives need not be related to this set of conditions. Some of them may be caused due to reasons other than the Gandanta planet.


Not in all cases discussed below was exact date of the event available. Based on conditions observed in clear cases, assumption has been made in some cases about exact time, within the broad time that was given by the native. Other astrologers can verify this on data with them and confirm if these set of conditions cause such incidents in majority of cases. This would increase the possibility of predicting the dates of such mishaps with a greater accuracy.

Part I: cases of accidents

Case 1: Pry
Chart 8

Apart from the planet in last degree of Gandanta, please also note the other factors which indicate accident proneness:

  • Mercury is in the last degree in Gandanta & dispositor of Mars
  • Ketu is in Gandanta with 6L Jupiter
  • Rahu is in 8H in the last degree
  • Jupiter as the Lord (3,6) aspecting Mars & Mercury
  • Mars aspecting 12H
  • 3H afflicted due to Ketu in 3rd Bhava, aspect of Mars and affliction to 3L Jupiter by Ketu. Primarily, Mercury is in Gandanta in the last degree becoming a harmful planet. Being placed in its own nakshatra, it has worsened the condition of Mercury (nakshatra lord also being in Gandanta). By dispositing Mars, it afflicts Mars also with the same harmfulness. Mars as Lord of second and seventh house has acquired maraka qualities also. Mars as the afflicted planet becomes responsible for accidents along with Rahu.

Dasas of planets which can cause accidents:

  • Venus is 8L (though also Lagna Lord) and is dispositor of Rahu – is capable of causing accidents.
  • Saturn aspects Mercury and hence in its dasa triggers effects of Mercury.
  • Ketu itself is in Gandanta & can cause accidents being conjunct with 6L. Ketu is also in nakshatra of Mercury worsening the potential for bad results.
  • Jupiter is malefic in its periods as Lord (3, 6) & is disposited by Mars. As 6L, it is capable of causing accidents. It aspects Mercury & hence can trigger the bad effects of Mercury in its dasa.
  • Hence Mercury, Mars, Sat, Rahu/Ketu & Venus indicate accidents in their periods & sub-periods.

The fact that Moon, Mars and Jupiter are in Pushkara Navamsa and that Saturn as Yogakaraka is exalted, may mitigate the severity or consequence of accidents, but cannot avoid it.

Event 1:

1st or 2nd April 2000. Fracture of right knee after jumping into a waterfall and unexpectedly landing on a stone. Another person had jumped at the same point just before the native.

Dasa: Jup-Mars-Sat;

  1. Jupiter aspects 10H and triggers Mercury; Mars’ dispositor Mercury is in Gandanta in 10H & hence injured right knee; Saturn aspects Mercury and also signifies injury due to stone.

2. The ADL Mars is a malefic, but by virtue of being a Kendra lord & placement in the 9H, the bad effect is mitigated.


MDL Jup, ADL Mars and PDL Saturn are together in sign of Mars. Sat disposits Mercury. Both Moon & Lagna lord Venus are with Mercury. Thus all are linked to the Mercury indirectly or directly in transit. Further, Mars, the ADL aspects 10H and is a malefic.

Chart 9

Event 2:

23rd July 2006: Accident resulting in fracture and injury to calf muscle.

Dasa: Sat-Mer-Mer;

  • Saturn aspects Mercury; Mercury being in 10H/11th bhava caused injury to calf-muscle; Mercury has given the results of the bhava rather than rashi.
  • Mercury as ADL has become malefic due to conjunction with Sun and by being the Gandanta planet.


Saturn with natal Mercury; Mercury in its own sign; Moon & Venus are with Mercury; Mars is in 11H.

Chart 10

Event 3:

17th May 2011- minor fracture on right ankle.

Dasa: Sat-Ven-Rahu;

  • Saturn aspects Mercury, Dispositor of Venus is with Mercury, Rahu aspects Mercury in D-9; Rahu indicates injury to feet; Venus indicates leg and disposits Rahu; Sat indicates fracture to limbs; combined effect is more on feet.
  • ADL Venus is a benefic reducing the effect of the accident.


Saturn in sign of Mercury, Lagna Lord Venus with Mercury in sign of Mars, Moon aspected by Mercury. Rahu is alone and its dispositor Jupiter is with Mercury & Mars; interestingly, Mercury & Venus were in exact conjunction on that day.

Chart 11

Event 4:

Native is not sure about the exact date of the event but remembers it as first week of February 2002.  The accident resulted in bruises on the face, arms and back after the fall.

Dasa: Jup-Rahu-Mer;

  • Jupiter aspects Mercury, Rahu aspects Mercury in D-9; the injuries were primarily 2H and 3H related as Jup & Rahu both afflict 2H & 3H; Mercury in 10H signifies back.
  • Rahu is a malefic ADL, but being in exaltation sign, mitigated the seriousness.


On 1st and 2nd February 2002 (Friday/Saturday), Moon was in Virgo, Rahu & Jup in Gemini, Venus with Mercury and aspected by natal Mercury and thus Mercury was influencing all concerned planets.

Chart 12

Event 5:

Native recollects the time as middle of February 2009; fell down while crossing road as a vehicle passed by and became unconscious after getting hit on the head.

The Dasa and transits are considered for Feb 12/13th, 2009.

Dasa: Sat-Ketu-Ven;

  • Saturn aspects Mercury, Ketu aspects Mercury and is with Mercury in D-9, dispositor of Venus is with Mercury; Venus being lagna lord and Saturn being in Lagna caused injury to head. Ketu makes the cause of accident unexplainable.
  • Ketu, though a malefic ADL is in the sign of exaltation with benefic Jupiter and hence the consequence was less serious.


Mars afflicted by Mercury aspects Saturn; Sat disposits Lagna lord and aspects Lagna; Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are aspected by natal Mercury; Jupiter is the dispositor of Venus; Moon is in the sign of Mercury; Ketu is with natal Mercury.

Event 6:

Summer 1991 – Fell off a tree and consequently the back was hurt.

The date of the event has been assumed as May 19/20th, 1991.

Dasa: Jup-Sat-Rahu;

  • Jupiter & Saturn aspects Mercury, Rahu aspects Mercury in D-9; Saturn signifies injuries sustained by falling from trees & stones; 10H signifies back injury.
  • ADL Sat being an exalted Yogakaraka mitigated the seriousness of injury.


Jupiter, Mars & Moon are with natal Mercury; Jupiter in 10H, Saturn is aspected by natal Mercury and aspects 10H, Mars in10H in exchange with Mercury in 7H; Jupiter disposits Rahu; Lagna lord is in the sign of Mercury.

Chart 14
Case 2: Sud

In the chart, Mars is in Gandanta; Venus is in nakshatra of Mars; Sun is 6L and is conjunct Mars in the same nakshatra; Saturn is also in nakshatra of Mars. Rahu is aspected by Mars and is in 11H (6th to 6H). Mars is aspecting 12H. Saturn afflicts the 3H.

Event 1:

On 3-12-2000, a major car accident occurred when travelling in a car resulting in fractures. The car fell off a hill, but more serious consequence was miraculously avoided.

Dasa: Mars-Venus-Sun;

  • Mars in Gandanta, Venus is the 3rd and 8th lord and signifies vehicles and disposits Saturn in 3H; its dispositor Mercury is with Mars; Mars is the dispositor of Venus in D-9; Sun is 6L with Mars & is aspected by malefic Saturn from 3H.
  • The ADL Venus is L (3, 8) and hence is bad functional malefic but a natural benefic, aspected by Jup L (1, 10) making the accident not very serious, though it could have been one.

Transit: Transit Mars aspects Venus; Sun is in the sign of Mars; Transit Mars is aspecting natal Lagna and the Lagna lord; Moon is aspected by natal Mars.

Chart 15

Case 3: Rvc

Moon is in Gandanta, in 8th house but in first degree. 3rd house is aspected by Mars and 3rd lord Moon is in R-K axis. Mars is in 12th house aspected by Saturn.  Rahu is with Lagna lord and 6th lord Venus.

Event 1:

Native blanked out for a few minutes while driving and had a car accident on 25th Aug 2002. There were no serious injuries.

Dasa: Moon-Sat-Jup;

  • Moon is the planet in Gandanta; Jupiter aspects and disposits Moon. Saturn aspects Cancer, the sign of Moon in D-9; Saturn aspects Mars in 12th house; Jupiter as 8th lord is with Mars & is aspected by Saturn. The aspect of Moon conjunct Ketu on lagna lord Venus conjunct Rahu would have caused the blanking out and the car accident.
  • The ADL Saturn is a Yogakaraka well-placed and hence the severity was not much.


Moon is the Gandanta planet; Saturn was in Gemini aspected by natal Moon; Jupiter was in Cancer, influenced by Moon; Venus was in Virgo in Hasta nakshatra of Moon; Moon on 25th was in Pisces, but being the Gandanta planet, its position does not matter; however, Moon’s dispositor Jupiter is placed in Cancer, the sign of Moon.

Chart 17
Chart 18
Chart 17
Case 4: Willy Shoemaker

Venus is in Gandanta, though not in last degree. Rahu is in the 8th house and is aspected by Mars and Rahu is in 5th from Moon. This makes the native accident prone. Ketu-Rahu in 2-8 axis with Mars also indicates accident. Venus as 3rd lord signifies accidents on road or while in movement.

Event 1:

The native met with a non-fatal accident on 30 April 1969. It was a riding injury that resulted in broken pelvis and other injuries.

Dasa: Ketu-Rahu-Jup;

  • Ketu’s dispositor is Venus in D-9; Rahu aspects Venus and Rahu’s dispositor is with Venus; Jupiter is conjunct Venus. Ketu is aspected by 6th lord Saturn; Jupiter as 8th lord of accidents is in 12 house of hospitalisation with Gandanta Venus and is aspecting 6th house; 6th house can be considered to signify pelvic region.
  • The ADL Rahu being a malefic the accident was serious.


Ketu, Rahu, Jupiter, and Moon are all in the same axis with Gandanta Venus. Lagna lord Sun was in Aries in Bharani, nakshatra of Venus.

Event 2:

Dasa: Ketu-Moon-Moon;

  • Ketu’s dispositor is Venus in D-9; Venus is in the sign of Moon. Ketu is aspected by 6th lord Saturn; Rahu aspects Venus; Moon is 12th lord debilitated in 4th Dispositor of Moon is Mars in R-K axis who is lord of 9th house representing thighs. Venus is in the sign of Moon.
  • ADL Moon is debilitated and hence weak and its dispositor is in R-K axis.


Ketu’s dispositor Mercury & Lagna lord Sun in transit are aspected by natal Venus; Moon in transit is with transit Venus.

Case 5: Brennan Eileen

Mercury is in Gandanta in last degree. Lagna lord & 8th lord Venus is conjunct with it. Mars in 9H aspects 12H & is disposited by Mars. 6L Jupiter is afflicted with Ketu. 3rd lord Jupiter is afflicted with Ketu. 3rd house is aspected by Mars & afflicted Jupiter.

Event 1:

The native had a non-fatal automobile accident on 28th October 1982 with broken legs, jaw and skull.

Dasa: Sat-Moon-Moon;

  • Saturn aspects natal Mercury; Moon’s dispositor is Mercury; Moon in 12th house is aspected by Mars, also disposited by Mercury. Saturn aspects Lagna and Lagna lord and Mars who is 2nd lord (jaw & skull) is retrograde as well as Moon is retrograde. Further Saturn signifies injuries to teeth and legs. Venus is the karaka for vehicles and is conjunct Mercury and aspected by Saturn.
  • The ADL Moon is malefic by being close to Sun and aspected by Mars causing more serious injuries.


Dispositor of Saturn is Venus and dispositor of Moon is Saturn, both of which are aspected by natal Mercury. Transit Mercury is placed with the natal Moon. Venus is Lagna lord.

Chart 21
Case 6: McDonald Sheena
Mars is in Gandanta in Sagittarius. It is aspected by Sat, though exalted. Mars aspects the 12th house. Rahu afflicts Mars. 3rd house is not afflicted but 3rd lord Mercury is with Ketu and aspected by afflicted Mars. From Moon – lagna, Rahu and Mars are in 8th house.

Event 1:

The native met with a non-fatal accident on 27 February 1999 at 00:15 AM in Islington, England (Auto accident, head trauma). Despite severe head injuries and memory loss, Sheena responded well to rehabilitation from what she calls a “life-changing experience.”

Dasa: Jup-Ven-Mars;

  • Jupiter is 6th lord aspecting Mars; Venus aspects Mars in D-9; Mars is the Gandanta planet; Mars aspects Lagna and Lagna lord in retro and left with injury to the head;
  • ADL Venus though a benefic is a functional malefic.


Jupiter, Venus and Lagna lord Moon are aspected by natal Mars.

Chart 24
Chart 25
Chart 26
Case 7: Ernest Hemingway

Mercury is in Gandanta in Leo. In Kala software (SA), it shows at 0 Deg instead of 3 Deg shown in Jhora. Mercury is conjunct with Mars and is aspected by the 6th lord Saturn.

3rd lord Venus is placed in R-K axis in the sign of Gandanta planet and 8L Jupiter is in the 3rd house.

Event 1:

He was in a car crash in Billings, Wyoming early morning of Apr/07/1935.

Dasa: Mars-Venus-Mercury;

  • All are afflicted by Mercury in D-1;
  • ADL Venus signifies vehicle related accident and being a benefic, spared his life.


Mercury and Lagna lord Sun are in Pisces, Mars is in Virgo, Mars is dispositor of Venus in Aries and Mars aspects Venus; Moon is not directly influenced by Mercury, but is in the sign of Venus influenced by Mercury;

Event 2: 

He was in another car crash in London on June/20/1945.

Dasa: Rahu-Mercury-Moon;

Rahu and Moon aspect the sign of Mercury; ADL Mercury is the Gandanta planet and is a malefic.


Rahu, Mercury and Lagna lord Sun are in Gemini; Moon was in Libra; Moon is in 3rd house in the sign of Venus influenced by Mercury.

Event 3:

He was in another car crash in Havana, Cuba on July/01/1950.

Dasa: Rahu-Venus-Mercury;

  • Rahu aspects Virgo, sign of Mercury, Venus is in Gemini and Mercury is the Gandanta planet;
  • Again Venus the ADL signifies vehicles. He is also 3rd


Rahu’s dispositor is aspected by natal Mercury, Lagna lord Sun & Mercury are in Gemini; Saturn, the dispositor of Moon is in Leo with Mercury; Venus has no direct influence of Mercury.

Event 4:

He was in two airplane crashes. The first accident was on the nightfall of Jan/24/1954 in which he was severely injured in Uganda.

Dasa: Rahu-Mars-Venus;

(i) Rahu aspects Gemini, Mars is with Mercury; Venus is in sign of Mercury;
(ii) ADL Mars is with Mercury and is a malefic.


Rahu, Mercury, Venus and Lagna lord Sun are together in Capricorn; Venus is the dispositor of Mars; Moon is in the sign of Mercury; ADL Mars is in the 3rd

Chart 27

Although Ketu is in Gandanta, none of the Dasa-bhuktis satisfying the conditions listed have caused any bad incidents so far.

Part II: Cases of Sickness/Others

Case 1: ShaP

Jupiter is in Gandanta in the last degree. Afflicted Saturn is retrograde and aspects Jupiter. The placement of Saturn as 8th lord and 9th lord in 6th house and afflicted by Rahu, Mars as 6th lord and 11th lord in 7th house aspecting Lagna, Moon and 7th lord indicates disease proneness and the body parts which would be affected.

Event 1:

The native recalls that she had a uterus fibroid operation was in 1984-85.

Ketu is in 12H with Saturn the 8th lord in 6th house in R-K axis; 12th house also signifies hospitalisation and 11th house recovery from health related problems; Rahu & Ketu are in their signs of debilitation.

Retrograde and afflicted Saturn aspects 7th house; Jupiter is 7th lord in Gandanta; dispositor of Ketu is in 11th house (6th to 6H); Ketu behaves like Mars in creating situations for sudden operations etc.; afflicted Jupiter can cause tumours, in this case fibroids; the affliction to 7th house indicates that the affected part is uterus.

Dasa: Jup – Ketu was from 4-6-1984 to 10-5-1985;

  • Jupiter is the Gandanta planet; Ketu’s dispositor is with Jupiter in D-9.
  • ADL Ketu being a malefic in sign of debilitation which resulted in a major surgery.


During this period Jupiter was in the 7th house till 9th Jan 1985 and then in Capricorn, the 8th house, its sign of debilitation; in both signs it is aspected by natal Jupiter. Ketu was in Scorpio up to 20th January 1985 & then in Libra; Ketu in Scorpio is aspected by Jupiter in natal chart; Lagna lord Mercury was in Scorpio or Sagittarius from Nov 1984 to Feb 1985. Both planets are under aspect by natal Jupiter. PDL could be Mars (Scorpio, Sagittarius) from Aug 1984 to mid Nov 1984 or Jupiter itself from middle of December 1984 to end of January 1985.

Event 2:

The native recalls an appendicitis operation was in 1990. The intestines are indicated by 6th and 7th bhavas.

Dasa: Jup-Mars period was from 26-2-1990 to 3-2-1991;

  • Jupiter is the Gandanta planet; Mars aspects Jupiter; Mars as 6th lord can signify appendicitis; it could be PD of Mars or Rahu which was from 2nd March 1990 to 30th March 1990.
  • ADL Mars being a malefic resulted in a major surgery.


In this sub-sub-period, Jupiter was in Gemini, Mars & Rahu in Capricorn & Mercury in Pisces.  Hence all planets are under the influence of transit or natal Gandanta Jupiter.

Chart 30
Chart 31
Case 2: KaiU

Mars is in Gandanta in last degree. Mars is the Lagna lord and 8th lord. Jupiter is disposited by Mars and is in the Rahu-Ketu axis and aspects Mars in retro and Moon, Mercury, the lord of 3rd and 6th house L (3, 6) and Sun the lord of 5th house. Jupiter aspects the 5th house also. Retrograde Saturn also aspects Moon, Mercury and Sun. These factors indicate disease rather than an accident.

Event 1:

The native suffered due to jaundice, fever and depression in 1996-1997. He was living away from parents but with a close relative.

Dasa: This period would correspond to the Dasa of Mars-Rahu/Jupiter (June 1996 to June 1998).

  • Mars is the planet in last degree of Gandanta and disposits Jupiter. Jupiter being retrograde aspects Mars; in D-9, Rahu’s dispositor is Jupiter who aspects Mars in retrograde; Jupiter being in R-K axis could have resulted in jaundice; such Jupiter aspecting the 5th house, Sun, the 5L, 3L Mercury and Moon and aspect of Gandanta Mars on 3rd house could have caused depression; aspect on Sun could have also resulted in fever. Note that Mars and Rahu aspect the 3rd house & Jupiter aspects the 3rd lord indicating change of residence.
  • ADL Rahu is a malefic; Though Jupiter is a benefic it is afflicted by R-K axis and is retrograde.


a snapshot of 22nd Dec 1996 is given. Mars in transit is aspecting natal Mars, natal and transit Jupiter, transit Mercury, transit Rahu, Sun & Moon. It could have been the beginning of such a bad period of ill-health.

Case 2: JOA-case-study

This case has been discussed under Hindi section in the BVB Journal of Astrology, May-June 2012 issue (pages 85-87). In that article, the analysis has been done in a comprehensive and classical way.

This same case is presented here is to illustrate the conditions of Gandanta planet. This aspect is not discussed in the original article.

Chart 32

Both Mercury (2L & 11L) and Venus (3L & 10L) are in Gandanta in Cancer, the 12th house. The Lagna lord Sun is conjuncts Mercury and Venus.

It is interesting to note that 3rd house represents servants/subordinates/attendants. 3rd house also signifies murder. 12th house stands for deception, fraud, punishments etc. 10th house represents matters related to profession.

Event 1:

The native was an officer in defence forces. When he was away on a vacation with his whole family, a youngster (Hindi: Jawaan) in his house murdered the servant-maid on 4th January 2005 and went away. It was found on 5th January, and the officer suffered temporary punishment till 13th January until the jawan confessed to the murder without any accomplices. The jawan had been arrested on 9th Jan 2012. The officer’s position and responsibilities were returned to him subsequently.

Dasa: On 4th Jan 2005 the Dasa was that of Mercury-Venus-Rahu-Moon-Jupiter.

  • Mercury and Venus are both in Gandanta; Rahu and Jupiter are in the sign of Venus and Moon is the dispositor of Mercury and Venus.
  • ADL Venus is a benefic.


In transit on 4th January 2005, Mercury & Venus are together, Rahu is alone and its dispositor Mars is with Mercury & Venus, Moon and Jupiter are in the sign of Mercury. Lagna lord Sun is in Sagittarius disposited by Jupiter who is in the sign of Mercury.

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