Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology by Trilochan Senapati

SA Typing Volunteer: Mummadi Sridhar

(Taken From Astrological Magazine of Raman Saheb, April 1977 Issue)

Horary astrology is a very interesting branch of the science which reveals to us the past, present and future from the Prasna chart cast for the time of query to the astrologer which is most useful in everyday life.  Persons with specific questions approach an astrologer and are anxious to know the answer within a very short time.  Confusions arise as to which specific time is to be taken into consideration and there is diversity of opinion.  But in fact, the proper time is the exact moment when the querent is anxious enough to know about a particular matter and expresses his thought to the astrologer.  If a letter is sent, the moment when the astrologer goes through the very question of the letter may be taken as the birth time of the question.

Before judgement is delivered the astrologer is required to consider whether the question is radical and is fit to be judged.  All precautions have to be taken before making forecast specially when the ascendant is found to be less than 3° or more than 27° in any sign of the Prasna Kundali.  When it is less than 3° the question is considered to be in a premature stage and when it is more than 27°, the question has become over-matured.

The proper time of the birth of an idea or a particular question depends upon the sympathetic relation of the human mind with the astral world. 

It depends on the mental reaction to the condition prevailing in the universe, which exercises much influence on the destiny of a human being and is a decided and accepted truth.  Coming events cast their shadows in the mind of the querent and the manas (mind) being the cause, expresses itself by a question to know what is ahead.  As soon as the expression is given to the thought, that is accepted as the birth time of the question.

Solving a question in Horary Astrology and finding a solution thereto is as miraculous and interesting as observing the performance of the musician (SA Note: The word should have been magician) holding the magic wand before his audience.  By this one feels much curious to know as to how there is close relationship between the stars and the human life, like the force of gravitation vis-à-vis the various objects of the universe.   In horary astrology a thorough conception of the astrological science is essential.  It has been admitted by all that instructions laid down in reading Janma Kundali may be applied with success to the Prasna chart.  Very many methods have been laid down by Maharishis and eminent astrologers of the past in forecasting the horary questions and some of those important methods are discussed below.

The nature of a query may be determined by the position of the planets in the ascendant or by the full aspects of a planet in Lagna. In all questions the Moon is like the seed, Lagna is the flower and the Bhava representing the subject matter of the query, is the fruit of a tree.  The consideration of Lagna and its lord with that of particular Bhava and the lord of the Bhava are very important.  The connection of the lord of Lagna with the lord of Bhava in question indicates the prediction in the affirmative.

Just as in the natal chart, the relationship of the lord of Lagna with that of the lord of Bhava in question when forming any one out of the five types of relations gives favourable results, so also they have a similar relationship in the question chart.  Mantreswara lays down that the planets in mutual relations, conjunction, in full aspect or in forming angles or in forming trines are favourable yogas.  But in no case the consideration of combustion, debilitation or affliction of the lord of Lagna or Bhava can be eliminated, as by that hardly a good result can be expected.  Even when the lord of Lagna or the lord of Bhava are posited in the 6th, the 8th or the 12th or the lord of Trikas occupies a particular Bhava pertaining to which the question relates, a negative reply may be predicted safely.  If lord of Lagna and lord of Bhava have any of the five relations as stated before and either of them is in full aspect of the Moon, then immediate achievement of the result can be forecast.  In horary chart it is also to be examined whether the lord of Lagna and lord of Bhava, in question, possess any of the six types of strength (Kalabala, Chestabala, Uchhabala, Digbala, Ayanabala and Sthanabala).  Results in positive may also be predicted even when the lords of Lagna and Bhava are not suitably placed, provided they are in full aspect of Jupiter.

Now it has to be discussed as to how long it will take to achieve the goal when favourable result is predicted from Prasna Kundali.  Maharishi Parasara has indicated the time factor to the planets as follows:-

Sun                        Six months

Moon                    One Khana

Mars                      One day

Mercury                Two months

Jupiter                   One month

Venus                   Fifteen days

Saturn                   One year

Rahu                      Eight months

Ketu                      Three months

The time within which the prediction is expected to materialise is to be determined from the position of the strongest planet in Prasna chart.  If lord of the Bhava be retrograde, the event will take place only after it becomes direct.

In another method, the positions of Lagna, the Sun and the Moon in Prasna Kundali are to be determined for forecasting the actual result. The ascendant is the querent, the Sun is the Soul and the Moon is the mind.  Whatever one feels or thinks has got its bearing with the above three factors.   So under this system the above three factors are taken into consideration in solving horary questions.  After fixing Lagna and the two luminaries, it is to be examined as to which type of signs these three are placed, movable, fixed or dual.  By this system 27 types of charts are calculated, from which judgement can be predicted as per provisions of the Sastras.

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