Moon`s Water Type in Various Houses of Horoscope by Rabinder Nath Bhandari

Moon`s Water Type in Various Houses of Horoscope by Rabinder Nath Bhandari

Moon`s Water Type in Various Houses of Horoscope:  It’s Relation with Quality and Level of Education


Rabinder Nath Bhandari

If we consider Moon as water, then which type/ quality of water will be represented by Moon through its placement in different houses of an native’s horoscope? I will point it out the quality, level and benefits related to native’s education by examining Moon’s influence.

Although there are so many other factors to be taken into consideration regarding the type, level and quality of education, while interpreting the horoscope or the palm lines, the influences and results ascertained by reading Moon’s placement in native’s birth chart gives us very accurate information regarding all this. So, first of all, I am giving below a detailed table revealing Moon’s effects as quoted in LAL KITAB – 1952 edition.        

Placement of Moon


Type & Quality of Moon’s Water

Education/ Water


Water kept at home in a pot or a pitcher.

Money spent on education will not be wasted and will pay returns. Native’s education will be useful and he will be benefited through govt. official works.


Clean water coming out and falling with pressure from mountains.

The native will get full benefits of any one of these two i.e. mother or education, ancestral property or cash money. Education will continue till the end of mother’s life, and its boundary will be marked by sand bed of Mercury in the river of water of Moon. Monetary help during the life of father to native or benefits of native’s education to his father are not guaranteed, but natives education will be the source of acquisition of worldly knowledge and will be the foundation of his fate rising. Native will be interested in learning and like to teach others, but this does not mean the source of income will be from education department and he may not be a school teacher. Business of Moon’s other items such as trade of horses, silver or silver items, job in irrigation department etc. will be always beneficial.


Water in Jungle or in Desert.

As the education continues and advancement in studies is made, financial condition of native’s father will be deteriorating, but the education will not stop. Education will be beneficial and will be financially rewarding when Ketu is forming a bridge (if it is benefic in placement and not destroying the effects of Moon in any form) on the river (Moon), otherwise mother will be helpful to the native as his father. With the advancement of age, worth of education will decrease or when working in education department, instead of ascent, there will be descent in his progress or money earned through education will not bring progress to his family’s worldly status.


Water (sweet water) of a spring.

Education will always be beneficial. Native will get support from every corner for completion of his studies. Whether native acquires any type of education, it will always be beneficial, meaningful as compared with the value of blood relation of a mother with her child.








River or canal, passing through populated area.

Native will not get full reward or benefits for money spent on education. He may be a fully qualified degree holder of technical education for children, but will not get full benefits from that regarding financial gains. Water of such river (representing education) will be used by people of that area to throw domestic waste, dirty material into that, instead of worshiping or repairing it. The same will happen with the value of native’s education considered by general public. Similarly, while doing well to the others, native will not get good from them in return. But for self, education will be a source of worldly knowledge. Regardless of his education level (may be highly qualified), the native will not get proper returns despite his higher level of education.


Water from underground source, such as well, hand pump etc.

Education will be beneficial, but it will be attained after spending lots of money and facing many hardships (just as we dig a well or bore a hand pump to get water, the native will have to spend money and do much labor to fetch water from that source).


River Water or Water from any source for Irrigating agricultural land.

Education will be completed before marriage of the native or, till studies are carried on, the marriage will not take place. But education will be beneficial, although level of education may not be very high. Here, the education is compared with goat’s and cow’s milk. Education will be just like goat’s milk as compared with cow’s milk (quantity wise and also quality wise) i.e. as goat’s milk is less in quantity, while milking goat drops goat’s poop into milk, but it is more valuable for human beings as compared with cow’s milk. For financial matters, the native will be like the reincarnation of Goddess Lakshmi (Lakshmi Avatar) in financial matters (here goat’s milk will fetch value equal to the value of silver).


Abe hayat (Water of life) – (Amrit) or Poison.

Education and mother will not run together. If education continues then mother of native will suffer (either mother or education). This does not mean that native will lose his mother, but her health or association with native will be affected. Here, education is compared to dry milk powder (education), in which full required value of milk is available except water (mother) content i.e. native will get one part but the second part will be always in deficit. If such native studies, he will attain the highest level otherwise will abstain from studies and even will stop from studying his coming generations or will not get both.



Native will be the possessor of education which may be helpful and comfortable to anybody, though he may not be a formally educated fellow, this does not mean that the native will necessarily be an illiterate person. He will be enjoying every comfort in life and shall be true benefactor like Lord Indra to all.







Blocked water by mountains.

What to think about teaching others, the native himself may be illiterate. So much so that teacher may be stoned when demands water from native, similarly stones of obstacle in education will be falling and his education will be worthless. But he will be the possessor of knowledge regarding use of dry medicines.

Native will get great public dishonor or humiliation if 8H is influencing adversely but if 2H in horoscope is positive, Moon in house number 10 will be double beneficial to the native in every corner of life.


Drain for rain water.

Native may either be highly qualified (educated) or totally uneducated. Same will be level of benefits or losses of education to the native. (In rain water drains or rivulets, if rains are there, it will be flooded with water if it does not rain, there will be no water, only stones remain – same will be the type and level of education)


Either water falling from sky in the shape of rains – hails, a snow fall, or water of latrine, obstructed foul smelling water of dirty drain.

In this house it is important to watch influence of evil planets (Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) for considering the negative influence of Moon on education and also keeping in mind the benefic influence of Sun and Jupiter to assess the positive influences with regards to studies of the native. If Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are ill placed and affecting Moon in any way, with the advancement in field of studies by native, negative effects will be prominent in the shape of losses of domestic properties, residential house etc., otherwise, if Sun and Jupiter are strong and well placed, education will be just like a pure rain water (water falling from sky) without impurities of any kind, which will be equal in results just like milk. In this case, level of education whether higher or medium will not influence the effects and benefits of education to the native in any respect, it will always be beneficial (Just like Sadhu’s meditation, there will always be a silver platform available). His education will even not care for silver, but will be golden in outlook i.e. level of native’s education will not affect his business, because native will be learned on how to earn money being a good businessman and his coming generations will be well educated.


While analyzing type, quality and level of education, it is also advisable to watch carefully palm lines, type of hand, length of fingers and thumb before giving a final reading regarding education in addition to the placement of Moon in birth chart.

Under noted four main lines also demand in-depth study and analysis:

  1. Head Line (Mercury – intellectual plan and type of subjects of interest of native, whether science, math or humanities etc.). Planet mercury is mainly responsible for mental power, memory, expressive powers and also concentration of mind in studies. Mercury represents love for teaching, writing, arguing, debating, which mainly represents the mental world.
  2. Heart Line (Moon – emotional plan). Moon governs moods and emotions in human beings, if Moon is poor and ill placed, the native’s interest and involvement in studies is affected. Moon represents much action and practical ability in almost any direction to the native.
  3. Sun Line (Sun – Level of studies and interest taken in studies). Because planet Sun empowers native with strong will and indirectly prompt actions to achieve goals and targets fixed in life, which makes him a successful person in every field of life.
  4. Fate Line (Jupiter – denotes directional force, whether native follows a proper route of direction for studies or having variable directional choice and fixed goals and targets during life). Unidirectional approach makes native a successful person whereas multidirectional thoughts create a confused personality. This line is the result of a combination of feelings and thought. It also represents the level of practicality, expressive power and confidence in the native.

In a successful and well educated person’s palm, above noted four forces (represented through these four lines on palm) will be highly developed and lines will be of very good quality without defects. (See image No. 01 – possessor of this hand is a highly educated, worked at a high level post in Govt. department and is a man of high moral and reputation in the society.).

Image No. 01

Chart 19

Whereas on the contrary, all above noted lines may either be poor, defected or may be absent. The native will be a directionless fellow and will have to live a struggled life style.  (See image No. 02 – in which fate line and sun line are approximately missing, head and heart line both are defective in very beginning and the native is an uneducated fellow).

Image No. 02

I think, with sincerity and love.

With blessings & Hope: That every human being in this universe be educated – because by teaching others we teach ourselves.

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