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My Guru Dev by Upendra Singh Bhadoriya

My Guru Dev by Upendra Singh Bhadoriya

It was 1.45 am in the morning & a 92 yr old man was observing the horoscope of his daughter. I asked “Gurudev what are you doing”. “I am watching Kailash’s horoscope. All planets are transiting through the signs having less than 20 bindus. At 4 pm only the moon entered in sign having 40 Bindus” gurudev said. I replied “Gurudev God has given us 2 days time. All will be well”. It was the most important time of my life when I was with the man of astrology, the Astrologer of the Millennium Shree C.S Patel, Kailashben was the elder daughter of Gurudev and both had been living in Mumbai for long. I was there because I had gone there to see the library of this great personality. At 8.30pm Kailashben had heart attack. After admitting her in the hospital I returned home at 1.45am. I was worried about Gurudev as he loved his daughter a lot & if even his health suffered due to this sudden turn of events. During stressful periods we often forget our breath i.e. astrology but Gurudev had faith on astrology. And since then my faith in this science increased, as I learnt a lot from my Gurudev. I am one of those luckiest people who could get love from My Gurudev. The most valuable gift I got from him is the confidence to predict. Not only I learnt techniques from him but also learnt how to apply it from a practical point of view. The knowledge that I got from him, I give to my students at Bhartiya Jyotisha Sansthan at Ahmadabad. I want to convey how my Gurus Knowledge can fine tune ones predictive ability.

On August 4, 2008 at 2.30p.m. I had massive heart attack which was expected according to my horoscope. Let’s check this event in my & in my nephew’s Horoscope.

तत्तद्भावाष्टमेशांशे त्रिकोणेवाथवा भवेत् ।

स्फुटयोगं गते मन्दे तत्तद्भावविनाशनम् ॥

When Saturn transits in Navamsa sign of Eighth lord of any sign or trine of it and Saturn comes on the degree of the lord of transiting sign, the house gives bad results.  


  • First look at where transit Saturn is i.e. in which Sign & then note the signs trine to it. Thus you would get 3 signs
  • Then look at the natal Navamsa (9th harmonic) chart, check if these 3 signs as noted above have any planets situated in it.
  • Suppose there are planets then see with which house (A) they are connected in Rashi chart
  • Then count the sixth house from there, which would be house (B)
  • Keep in mind that the things related with that house (B) will be marred.
  • The bad results will be felt when transiting Saturn will fall on the degree (in natal chart) of the lord of transiting sign or the Navamsa of that planet.

According to Gurudev the transit in the whole distance of concerned Navamsa should be considered to predict the event. This technique can be used easily.  


Now watch Saturn’s transits. It is transiting in Leo and trine signs of Leo are Aries and Sagittarius. So we have to observe these three signs in Navamsa chart. In my horoscope Jupiter & Moon are in Aries, Sun & Ketu are in Sagittarius. Leaving Ketu the remaining three planets are lord of 8th, 11th, 3rd and 4th.

  • Sixth house from 8th is Ascendant means ‘I’.
  • Sixth from 11th means 4th house of heart,
  • Sixth from 4th house means 9th house (vitality of heart) and
  • Sixth from third means 8th house (longevity) all this houses were affected in one way or other resulting in an event.

On September 4 2007 Saturn in Leo was 6011. In my horoscope the dispositor of transiting Saturn is Sun at 50 15. Means it falls between 30 20to 60 40Navamsa.  So when Saturn transited through this Navamsa during August 13 2007 to September 8 2007 I faced the situation given below.

(1) On September 4 2008, Tuesday at 2.30 p.m. I had a severe heart attack which is related with ascendant (Saturn’s transit in trine signs of Jupiter‘s navmasa and Jupiter is lord of 8th house)

(2) On August 20 2007 we had decided to sell my parental property valued at 10 million rupees, but the interference of my neighbor made this sale impossible at that time and now real estate has slumped making it non-profitable to sell. This is related with 8th, 4th and 9th house.

Note: When Saturn transits in Navamsa sign of Eighth lord of any sign or trine of it and Saturn comes on the degree of the lord of transiting sign, the house gives bad results.

Now let’s see this in my nephew’s horoscope.


In my nephew’s horoscope ascendant lord Saturn is in Aries Navamsa, on 4th Sept 2008 Tr Saturn was in Leo and trine signs of Leo are Aries & Sagittarius. In Navamsa chart there is no planet in Aries but there is Saturn, Mars in Leo & Rahu in Sagittarius. Sun is 60 37 means it is in Navamsa of 30 20’  to 60 40’  Saturn transit through this Navamsa during 13-8-2007 to 8-9-2007 and on 4-9-2007 I the maternal uncle had to face deadly pain in the heart. Saturn is lord of ascendant and counting 6 houses from it you get the house of maternal uncle or aunts.


This is horoscope is of Shree C.S.Patel’s disciple, at present Saturn is Transiting in Leo and trine signs of Leo are Aries and Sagittarius. So we observe these signs in Navamsa chart. In D9 chart Aries is empty, Saturn Mercury are in Leo & Sun Mars in Sagittarius. From 27-11-2008 to 5-2-2009 (Tr Sat in Sag Navamsa) and 13-8-2009 to 10-9-2009 (Tr Sat in Sag Navamsa) Saturn will be in the degree of its dispositor i.e. Sun 260 51means Saturn will transit in that D9 from 260 40’  to 300 00. Saturn is lord of 8th and sixth from 8th is ascendant indicating subject himself (Jatak) moreover Saturn is lord of 9th house, from 9th house the 6th house is 2nd house which shows money and family. Mercury is lord of ascendant and sixth house from ascendant is 6th house which shows maternal uncle or maternal family. Mercury is also lord of 4th house and 6th from 4th is house of Father and Dharma. So he should take care of all things as shown above.

Another principle given by Gurudev C.S. Patel is also rule of thumb. It is about Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn’s Transit. I have tested this principle and found perfect. Conveying my regards at the lotus feet of my Gurudev we discuss this rule here.

चन्द्रांशराशिमारभ्य गोचरेव्वष्टमे शनौ ।

राहुदाये महत्कष्टं योगभंगं विनिर्निशेत् ॥

During Rahu Mahadasha if Tr Saturn moves in the 8th sign from Moon Navamsa Sign. It will create lot of troubles for subject regarding finance, career and other things. During this period even favorable yoga will not work.

For practical use of this method I first observe whether Rahu Mahadasha is going on or not in a chart. If it is on then pay attention to Moon’s Navamsa and find whether Saturn is transiting through the 8th sign of Moon Navamsa sign or not. If this situation is there, subject should be advised to be careful because this time is not favorable for the Subject (Jatak). 



This horoscope is of disciple of Shree C.S.Patel in Ahmadabad. In her horoscope Rahu Mahadasha stated on 3/2/1996 and will run up to 3/2/2014 in this horoscope moon is in Libra in D9 so the 8th sign from libra is Tauras. Saturn was transiting in Taurus during 7/6/2000 to 24/7/2002 and 9/1/2003 to 8/4/2003 during this period this lady’s husband lost Rs. 10 lakhs ($23,591) in business, in fact he was cheated by his partner. He become jobless, bank confiscated her house, the native took money from her provident fund, she also surrendered her L.I.C. polices, sold her ornaments, borrowed money and finally got her house back from bank. Up to the end of 2007 she had to pay that borrowed money.

During Rahu Mahadasha if Tr Saturn moves in the 8th sign from Moon Navamsa Sign. It will create lot of troubles for subject regarding finance, career and other things. During this period even favorable yoga will not work.


This is a horoscope of a man who is into business. Suddenly, his business went slump resulting in heavy losses. He visited many astrologers but they could not deduce what was wrong going on. Observe his horoscope Rahu Mahadasha had started on 13.6.1988 which ran up to 13.6.2006. In his horoscope Moon is in Scorpio Navamsa so the 8th sign from Scorpio is Gemini, Saturn was transiting in Gemini from 23-11-2002 to 19-1-2003, 8-4-2003 to 6-9-2004 and from 14-1-2005 to 26-5-2005 during this period the man faced many hardships in business, facing losses to the tune of nearly Rs 35 lakhs ($82,781) and it is only now he is coming out of this problem.

It is my observation of many years that this Rahu Dasa & Tr Sat in 8th from Navamsa Moon Sign is far more worse than Sade Sati, Dhaiya or Kantak Shani.

In this way combination of Mahadasha and Antardasha with transit is shown in the following shloka, we can use this technique in the way we have discussed above.

चन्द्रांशराशिमारम्य गोचरे सप्तगे शनौ।

राहुदाये वक्रभुक्तौ देहजाड़यं विनिर्दिशेत्॥

Saturn transits through the 7th sign from Moons Navamsa and if Mars antardasha in Rahu mahadasha is on then it will not be good for health.

Examples are for understanding the rules only, but one needs to test them out aggressively & also take the Gurus words as Gods words.

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