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Local Space Charts by Christine Kaspers

Local Space Charts by Christine Kaspers

Role of Rahu & Ketu At the Time of Death


Bhausaheb Sakurkar 

We talked about astrocartography and have seen what that meant for the horoscope from Napoleon. There is another technique (related to astro-cartography) called the Local Space Chart. This chart is also based upon an individual birthchart and so unique that no one will have the same Local Space Chart as you have.

The Local Space Chart is based upon the direction of planets in a birth chart at the time of birth on that day and in that place. Is a planet in the north? East? South? West? Or anything in between? All seen from your place of birth.

Using again the horoscope of Napoleon, born in Ajaccio (I use

Readers may refer the previous issue of Vol 7 where the author has done an article on Napoleon and ACG

Readers may refer the previous issue of Vol 7 where the author has done an article on Napoleon and ACG

the birthtime of 09.05 hrs), this is his Local Space Chart seen from Ajaccio.

Chart 45

As you can see, the lines of the planets are not just straight, but forming a kind of wave, because the earth isn’t flat but round. The further you look from your place of birth or the place you are residing, the more curled the lines are.

This means that when you are looking in for you rather nearby places, the lines will look quite straight, but, from one continent to another, they become curled. This also means – if you have got your personal Local Space Chart, you just cannot use it in an atlas.  You can use it in a plan of your city or when living in f.i. Europe, from one coutry to a nearby country.  As soon as the distance becomes over about 200 km, you’ve got to be carefull!

Looking at the chart above and knowing Napoleon went to Paris to study, you’ll notice that his Moonline is closest to Paris and the Moon is his lord of the 10th, so a line on which you can work at your carreer.

If we want to know what could happen while living and operating from Paris, we have t0 relocate.  Some astrologers keep looking from the birthplace and some from the new place one is living in. I do the last.

From Paris he went to Italy to try to conquer this country.

From Paris the closest line to Italy is his Mercury line and as you can see, this line is going over all of Italy. Mercury is quite nice in his horoscope, so Mercury line promisses succes.

Mercury is in Leo, so he wants to be at the top. Top of the army. Mercury is in his 10th house, so going to Italy could have to do with profession and succes (because Mercury is a bit strong and certainly not weak). Mercury is lord of the 9th: foreign countries. Mercury is also lord of the 12th, so he should beware for disappointments or looking with wrong eyes. In his case he also saw a dream becoming true: the great emperor conquerring Italy.

In july 1798 he landed in Alexandria in Egypt and conquerred again. The Mercuryline is from Paris also hitting Egypt.


Chart 47

From Alexandria Napoleon attacked Syria and his Plutoline is going straight over Syria. Here was a lot of resistance and what was even worse: his troups got the plague. Via Egypt he went back to Paris.

In the summer of 1812 Napoleon is going to attack Russia. In the above chart you see the Jupiter-line ( expansion) going over Rushia and his Uranus-line( a sudden change or an unexpected event) Napoleon was tempted deeper and deeper in Rushia and then the winter began.  This was fatal for his troups and finally he withdrew and went back to Paris.

In april 1814 he abdicated and was sent after that to Elba, a little island near Corsica.  You can also look for transits and progressions of the planetlines and ,in april 1814, the closest line in transit was his Saturnline. So there he was: alone and separated.

He escaped, went back to Paris, formed an army and attacked Belgium. There he was beaten in the Battle of Waterloo. From Paris the line of the lunar nodes is crossing Belgium and Waterloo is quite close to Waterloo. Fate and destiny was crossing his path.

Finally he is banished to St.Helena, a little island east of Namibia.

Chart 51

As you can see his Venus line is closest to St. Helena, which sounds nice. But Venus is in his chart, lord of the 1st and the 8th.

He died on St.Helena on the 5th of May 1821.

In transit closest were the Uranus line, sitting in the 8th in his birthchart and the Neptune line of disappearing from the World. Neptune is his 6th lord and he had troubles with his stomack shortly before he died (6th of disease).

It is quite interesting to use astrocartography and the Local Space Lines and to look for different places and countries in the World for your own horoscope. You can also combine astrocartography and Local Space Lines, but that is much more complicated.

Also you can use the Local Space Lines in your city. Take your house as the centre and see how all the Lines are going. Always trouble with someone? Maybe your Mars- or Pluto line is crossing the home of that person. If a friend is living on your Venus line and Venus is in your chart not ruling a difficult house, you will have a good relation with that friend. Suppose he or she is moving and is going to live on your Saturn line. It could be the end of the friendship or at least give troubles.

The Local Space Lines can also be used in your house. Once I bought a desk – not knowing at that time about Local Space Lines. I hated to sit there and after a few times I moved the desk to another place. That was much better! So somehow you know your Space Lines. It’s really fun to know them and also those of your partner. Quite some time ago I had a quarrel with my husband about where to put something on the wall. It was a nice painting and he wanted it a few meters more to the right. That was where his Venus line is running and mine is a few meters more to the left.

I always wanted to go to Prague, my husband simply refused. I didn’t know why I wanted and he didn’t know why he did nót want to go. When I learned about Local Space Lines I saw that my Jupiterline is right over Prague and from his chart it is the Pluto line!

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