The Cycles System – Aavartan Paddhati by Prabodh Purohit

The Cycles System – Aavartan Paddhati by Prabodh Purohit

Editor: Heikki Malaska, Finland


The Cycles System /Aavartan Paddhati is a very simple and easy method for predictive purpose and to assess the nature of events of one’s life.

Since my early years of study of astrology, I was thinking of developing an easy method of prediction. During of the 40 years of study of astrology one thought which struck me was that without considering Dasha or Gochar one should be able to identify and predict the timing of specific events for a native. Therefore, I was thinking about devising an easy system, in which Dasha/Gochar or Solar Return or Tithi Pravesh is not required.


The methodology is very simple. The Ascendant – 1st H/sign – and the Moon’s Nakshatra (Janma Nakshatra) are to be considered for the events of 1st year of life, and similarly, for the 2nd year, the 2nd house will be the Asc. / Varsha Lagna (VL) and the Moon will be assumed to be in 2nd Nakshatra (Sampat) which would be the Varsha Chandra Nakshatra (VCN). Thus, we have to move forward the Ascendant and the Moon by one Rashi one Nakshatra respectively for every year.

Here, for the sake of convenience we take one year as 360 days i.e., as the Sun’s traverse through 360 degrees in the zodiac takes a year. The Zodiac of 360 degrees is divided into 12 parts, and each part is a sign/Rashi so each sign has 30 degrees and the Sun’s movement in one Rashi is equal to a month.

The Ascendant /Lagna moves forward one Rashi (30degrees) in a year. It moves 1d in 12 days and 30minutes (1/2degree) in 6 days and so on.

Under the stellar scheme, the Zodiac is divided into 27 parts, and each part is a Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra has 13d 20m. A Nakshatra has been further divided into 4 Padas/ Charans (4 quarters) and every quarter of Nakshatra has 3d 20m.

As per the Cycles System, the Moon moves one Nakshatra (13d 20m) in a year (360 days) and 1 quarter (3d 20m) in 90 days, it take 27 days for 1d (60m) and 9 days for 20m.


Example 1: Mrs. Indira Gandhi: Birth date: 19th November 1917. Time: 23:12h. Place: Allahabad, 25N28, 81E52; Ayanamsha- 22-42-53; Chitra Paksha.

Ascendant- Cancer 27d 36m 45s, Balance (in Cancer) yet to rise 2d-23m-15d. The proportionate period yet to operate is 2d-23m-15d /30d X 360days = 28.65 days. After completion of 29 days of Cancer, the period of second house starts. In other words, birth date 19-11-1917+29days = On 18-12-1917, the Annual Ascendant (Varsha Lagna) Leo started.

Moon is in Capricorn 5d 35m 44s that is in Uttara Shadha, 3rd quarter. First quarter of U.Sha is in Sagittarius and 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters are in Capricorn. The balance of U.sha is (10d –5d.35m.44s) 4d-24m-16s (Bhogya). Translated to days, this would be: 4d-24m-16s /13d-20m X 360days = 118.92 days. Birth 19-11-1917+3m 29days =18-3-1918, from 18 March 1918, Shravan Nakshatra (Varsha Chandra Nakshatra) will start.       


VL Leo form

18 December

VCN from

18 March


“       “  1917

Shravan “       “ 1918


“        “  1929

Punarvasu “   “ 1930


“         “ 1941

Moola         “   “ 1942


“         “ 1953

Rohini          “  “ 1954


“        “  1965

Vishakha    “    “ 1966


“         “ 1977

Ashvini       “    “ 1978



























 Tara /Nakshatra Chakra for Exemple. No. 1

















Ad. mitra











Pu. Bha


Ut. Bha
















P. vasu








Pu. Pha


Ut Pha
















Pu. Sha

Abbreviation:  VL= Varsha Lagna.  VCN=Varsh Chandra Nakshatra.

VC= Varsh Chandra. / Aspects: (J) = Jaimini, (P) = Parashar

Events of Life

  1. Death of Mother Kamala Nehru: 28 February 1936. VL Aquarius; VCN Hasta; VC 4H governs Mother.
  2. Varsh Lagna Aquarius is having the aspect of BK Mars.
  3. Mars is Marak lord of 2H & 7H and in Badhak 11H from 4H of Mother.
  • Varsh Chandra Nakshatra Hasta is in Vedha of Ketu in Ardra in 12H.
  1. Moon, the natural significator of Mother is lord of VCN Hasta in 3H that is twelfth from 4H of mother.
  2. Marriage with Firoz Gandhi: March 1942. VL Leo; VCN Moola; VC
  3. Sun, the Lord of VL Leo is DK (spouse) and situated in 5H (love) with PK*        *(I consider PK similar to fifth lord)
  4. VC in Sagittarius with Venus (Dampatya karak) with Rahu (inter cast /religion).
  • Ketu lord of VCN Moola is in 12H (foreign); decision of marriage announced abroad and thereafter the ceremonies were held in India.
  1. Birth of Rajiv Gandhi: 20 August 1944. VL Libra; VCN Sha; VC Capricorn.
  2. 5H from VL Libra is Aquarius. It is in the aspect of Mars, the 5th
  3. VCN Sha and VC in Capricorn are in the aspect (P & J) of Jupiter (Santan Karak) and Mercury, PK also aspects (J) VC.
  • Sun, the lord of VCN Sha, is in 5H with PK Mercury and in aspect of Jupiter (Santan Karak) and Mars lord of 5H.
  1. Birth of Sanjay Gandhi: 14 December 1946. VL Capricorn; VCN Dhanishtha 3rd quarter; VC VL Capricorn 7H for second child.
  2. VL Capricorn is in the 7H for 2nd child, it is in aspect (P & J) of Jupiter (Santan Karak) and in aspect (J) of PK Mercury.
  3. Mars, the lord of 5H aspects VC in Aquarius.
  • Jupiter is in Taurus that is 5H from Capricorn VL and house of 2nd. 
  1. Death of husband Firoz Gandhi: September 1960. VL Aquarius; VCN Magha; VC Leo is 7H (Husband) from the Varsha Lagna.
  2. VL Aquarius is 2H Marak (for Capricorn, the seventh house of husband) and VCN Magha in Leo which is 8H of husband.
  3. Saturn, the lord of Capricorn (7Hhusband) and lord of VL Aquarius is Marak lord 2H of husband and situated in Cancer, which is another Marak (7H of husband).
  • VCN Magha is in Vedha of Saturn in Ashlesha 16th (Nidhan) from Janm Uthara shada Nakshatra.
  1. Death of father Jawaharlal Nehru: 27th May 1964. VL Gemini; VCN Chitra 1st quarter; VC Father is governed by 9H Pisces.
  2. VCN Chitra is Vipat tara as it is 21st Nakshatra from her Janm Nakshatra.
  3. Mars, the lord of VCN Chitra is Marak lord of 2H of father.
  • VCN is Chitra and Varsh Chandra is in Vedha of Rahu in Moola.
  1. Became PM of India. January 1966. VL Leo; VCN Swati; VC

Swati is 22nd Kshema Nakshatra.

  1. VL Leo is a royal sign (a king). It is 10H from Sun, the natural ruler and significator for Government.
  2. VC is in Libra, 4H of throne and VCN Swati is in Vedha of MK Jupiter in Rohini and in Rohini Sampat Nakahtra.
  • VC in Libra is in aspect (J) of Jupiter MK.
  1. AK Saturn is in 10H from VC Libra and Libra is 10H from Moon (Janata).
  2. Rahu, lord of VCN Swati is with AmK Venus.
  3. AmK Venus is lord of VC
  4. Marriage of Rajiv Gandhi: 25 February 1968. VCN Anuradha; VC Scorpio; VL VC Scorpio is the 5H denoting the First Child.
  5. VCN Anuradha and VC Scorpio are in 5H of 1st Child (Rajiv).
  6. Jupiter is in Taurus which is in 7H indicating spouse of 1st
  • Jupiter, lord of Pisces which is the 5H (love) of first child, is in Taurus (7H of spouse of the 1st child Rajiv).
  1. Jupiter is in Taurus (7H of spouse of 1st child Rajiv).
  2. Venus, lord of Taurus which indicates the spouse of the first child is with Rahu (love marriage inter religion/foreigner).
  3. VC in Libra in aspect of (J) Jupiter (dispositor of Venus and Rahu).
  4. War with Pakistan & Creation of Bangladesh: Victory achieved on 16th December 1971. VL Capricorn; VCN Sha. 3rd quarter; VC Capricorn.
  5. Mighty Saturn AK is lord of VL and VC, aspects (P) VL and VC from natal position.
  6. Lord of VCN Sun (DK) with Mercury (PK) in aspect (J) of AK Saturn.
  • VL and VCN/VC in Capricorn 7H (rival – Pakistan) are under the aspect (J) of commander Mars (BK) in Leo 8H of rival.
  1. VL, VCN and VC are in Capricorn which is the 7H and are under the aspects (J) of Sun DK (opposition party), Mercury PK (Cabinet & Media) and Jupiter in 11H of fulfillment and friends (USSR) so she got support from all corners.
  2. Marriage of 2nd son Sanjay Gandhi: 23 September 1974. VL Aries; VCN Satabisha; VC 7H Capricorn represents 2nd son. Saturn is lord of Capricorn and Aquarius and according to Jaimini Saturn and Rahu are both the owners of Aquarius.
  3. Saturn, the lord of VC Aquarius is in 7H Capricorn denoting the second son (Sanjay). Exchange of lords of 7H Saturn & 1H moon represents 2nd son and his spouse.
  4. Rahu is the lord of VCN Shatabisha with Venus (dampatyakarak), lord of 7H from VL
  5. Emergency Imposed: June 1975. VL Taurus; VCNBhadra; VC Aquarius.

The Allahabad High Court gave a ruling against Mrs. Gandhi on 10-6-1975 and pronounced her victory in election as null and void on some technical grounds. This created a constitutional crisis. Instead of finding a legal solution for the crisis, Mrs. Gandhi declared a state of emergency to save her position and prestige.

  1. VL Taurus is 11H, Badhak for Cancer Ascendant and Jupiter (Judge) is there.
  2. Venus, the lord of VL Taurus in 6H (servant /enemy) in Sagittarius (Judiciary) with Rahu (karmic planet).
  • Taurus is 11H(friends) from Ascendant and 5H (adviser) from Moon (GK) in 7H (second son Sanjay).
  1. Venus, the lord of VL is in 6H from Ascendant and AK Saturn and also is in 12H from Moon in natal 7H (Janata and opposition parties).
  2. VC is in Aquarius which is 8H from Ascendant and AK Saturn.
  3. VCN Purva Bhadra is Pratyari Nakshatra (5th from Janma Nakshatra) in Vedha of Moon (GK) in Ut. Sha.
  • VC Aquarius is in the aspect (P) of Mars (BK).
  1. Election Declared & Lost Power: Jan-Feb & March 1977. VL Cancer; VCN Bha.; VC Pisces.
  2. It is a year of Ascendant Cancer and AK Saturn is situated there. AK gives results of one’s deeds (good or bad).
  3. AK Saturn in Cancer VL & AmK Venus with Rahu are in 6/8 position.
  • Mars (BK), the lord of 10H is in 6H from VC and aspects VC
  1. VCNBha. is in Vedha of Ketu and Pluto (ruin), both placed in Ardhra in 12H from VL and AK Saturn.
  2. VCNBha. is in Vedha of Mandi in Ardra which is in 12H from VL and AK Saturn. Rahu and Ketu are Karmik planets.
  3. Revival like a Phoenix: In January 1980, her party won majority seats in mid-term poll to the parliament and she became PM again. VL Libra, VC VCN Bharani which is Adhimitra (9H from Janma Nakshatra).
  4. Saturn is AK and the lord of Capricorn which denotes throne and Janata being 4H from VL Libra, and Saturn (AK) is in 10H from VL
  5. VC Aries in 10H is in aspect (P) of AK Saturn, and also under the aspect (J) of Sun (DK), Mars (BK) and Mercury (PK).
  • VCN Bharani 9H Adhimitra Tara is in Vedha of DK Sun (The king) and Mercury (PK) in Anuradha.
  1. Mars, the lord of VC Aries is in Leo which is 11H (Fulfillment of desires) from VL That is 4H of throne from Ascendant.
  2. Death of 2nd son Sanjay Gandhi in Plane Accident: 24 June 1980. VL Libra; VCN Kritika 2nd quarter; VC Taurus (VCN Kritika from 8th March, so from 18 June 2nd quarter of Kritika started. Therefore VC is Taurus).
  3. VCN Kritika is a fiery Nakshatra, its lord Sun is also fiery. Sun is lord of 11H from VL Libra therefore happens to be Badhakesh for VL
  4. Sun is in Badhak Bhav for 2nd son (Capricorn) and in Maraka 2H from VL
  • Mars, Marakesh being lord of 2H & 7H from VL Libra and it is placed in Leo (11H) which is Badhak House from Libra.
  1. Sun, Badhakesh for Capricorn (2nd son) is receiving the aspect (P) of Mars (BK).
  2. Mars is marak lord in Badhak house from VL, and Mars in 8H from Capricorn (2nd child).

All this indicates violent incident, as signs Leo, Scorpio and planets Sun and Mars are involved.

  1. Assassination by own Bodyguards: 31 October 1984. VL Aquarius; VCN Punarvasu 3rd quarter; VC
  2. VL Aquarius is 8H (life & death) from Ascendant and 2H (Marak) from Moon.
  3. Mars (BK) in Leo aspects (P) VL Aquarius in 8H from Ascendant, Mars is in 8H from Moon. Leo is a wild and violent sign.
  • VCN Punarvasu is 14th Pratyari from Janma Nakshatra and is in Vedha of Rahu in Moola.
  1. Jupiter, Lord of VCN Punarvasu is in Badhak (11H) from Ascendant and AK Saturn also.
  2. Jupiter is the lord of 6H,Sagittarius a dual sign (fanatic warriors – two guards).
  3. Mandi, Ketu and Pluto are with VC in Gemini and in aspect (P & J) of Venus and Rahu in Sagittarius (sign of fall). Here the houses involved are 6th & 12th from Ascendant & Moon also. 6H stands for servant/guards and 12H stands for conspiracy, sign Sagittarius (fanatic) and Gemini both are dual signs denoting two guards.

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