What Opponents Claim About the Solar Returns by Ciro Discepolo

What Opponents Claim About the Solar Returns by Ciro Discepolo

What Opponents Claim About The Solar Returns


Ciro Discepolo

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Some astrologers (honestly, few of them and not those belonging to the Hall of Fame of Astrology in the late two centuries) claim that the Solar Returns must be cast for the place where one was born, or for the place of one’s residence – and not for the place where the native actually is when the Solar return takes place.

You know that I disagree, and you can easily find my reasons, supported by hundreds of practical examples, in many of my approximately fifty books, as well as in other articles published in this website.

Recently a colleague of mine called my attention on an example that another astrologer allegedly spread in order to prove that SR’s must be domificated for one’s place of birth. I say allegedly, for I simply refer what had been referred to me; it is therefore a possible working hypothesis.
The example considers one specific year of the King of Spain Juan Carlos de Borbón. It is my opinion that it proves exactly the opposite of what the afore mentioned astrologer and my opponent would claim about Solar Returns.

According to him, the King of Spain would be born in Rome on the 5th of January, 1939 at 1:10 pm. According to Grazia Bordoni’s database (www.graziabordoni.it) he was born in Rome on the 5th of January, 1938 at 1:00 pm. Let’s take for good the former version.
It seems that during his SR of 1956, Juan Carlos reportedly shot and killed his younger brother. This is far from being granted, but let us consider it as a matter of fact.

It is also taken for granted that Juan Carlos spent his birthday of 1956 in Madrid – alright, let us take it for granted.

At this point, my colleague seems to be persuaded that his/her thesis can be proved despite, for example, the incontrovertible evidence of innumerable Aimed Solar Returns described in my books, that nobody has been able to demolish so far. He/she reportedly claims that, based on the given example, the valid SR is the one cast for Rome in fact, he/she says, it’s the SR of Rome and no other, what gives you an Ascendant of SR lying in the natal 3rd House – the House of brothers.

The point is, Solar Returns can not be read in such an elementary logic as: Ascendant in the 3rd House: brother; Ascendant in the 4th House: parent; Ascendant in the 5th House: child…

Personally, I think that you can not do the stars such a wrong, accusing them of using such a primitive language. According to my experience, in fact, their language is wonderfully “adult” and, at the same time, perfectly transparent.

Still considering the possible variables listed above, there’s no doubt about the reading of Juan Carlo’s SR of 1956 taken in Madrid – and not in Rome – being absolutely limpid, crystalline: Mars in the 6th House reports an awful year, surely one of the worst years in the life of Juan Carlos; the Sun in the 8th House suggest the hypothesis of a possible grievance, while Uranus on the cusp of the 3rd House reveals “a coup de théâtre, a possible drama (a shot!) referred to one of his brothers”.

Here it is: if you know how to read the Solar Returns, you understand that the correct one is the one domificated in Madrid.

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