Yogkarak and Profession Place of Interset

Yogkarak and Profession Place of Interset


Yogkarak is a planet which has the ownership on one house in Kendra and another in trines. Placement of yogkarak tells us about the profession of a person or where his Interests are. Some Lagnas have natural  yogkarak  and the lagnas where a planet does not own a Kendra and Trine together, we take the trine lord whichever is a  close friend of the Ascendant lord.

In Mesh Lagna, no planet has ownership  over both the Kendra and trine, so we take Surya as Yogkarak for Mesh lagna.

Vrishabh Lagna has Saturn owning the 9H and 10H, so Saturn is a Natural yogkarak for Vrishabh.

Mithun Lagna—Shukra.           Kark Lagna—-Mangal.       Simha  Lagna—–Mangal.   

Kanya Lagna—Shukra           Tula Lagna—–Saturn.    Vrischik  Lagna—Chandra.  Dhanu  Lagna—Surya.

Makar  Lagna—–Shukra.        Kumbh  Lagna—-Shukra.     Meen  Lagna—–Chandra.

Note: Guru and Budh are not yogkaraks in ang lagna. 

Chart  1. Male 2 June 1982. 08:32:00.  Mumbai

Mithun Lagna, This native is in the film industry making short films. He is also into script writing and  Director of photography. Rahu in Lagna indicates behind the camera as it’s a shadow planet, lagna mithun so art of writing and Venus as the yogkarak placed the 11H in Mesh.Tula owning the 5H, 5—11 axis indicates  Entertainment, Media.

Chart  2. Male 25 february 1976.       15:15:00.  Ambad (Maharashtra)

Mithun Lagna. Yogkarak Venus in 8H  with Mercury in Makar  rashi. This person  has many secret affairs, which is his main interest. Twists his words  to cheat people, also into property dealings. His main proffession is slaughtering of animals and selling meat. Rahu in 5H  in Libra and Mars in 12H in Taurus.

Chart. 3. Female 2 November 1973.  11:00:00.  Mumbai

Dhanu Lagna.  This  female has her  Air Ticketing, Tours and Travel Bussiness on a large scale. Yogkarak Surya in 11H, owning the 9H of  long journeys.Rahu, Venus in  Dhanu Lagna, again the Natural 9H with Rahu in it, a karak of abroad travels.

Chart 4. Male. 27 September 1984.03:30:00. Mumbai.

This native is a commercial pilot  flying international. Yogkarak Mars in 6H with Jupiter in Dhanu rashi, a sign of long journeys. Mars owning the 10H of action.

Chart 5. Female. 18 June 1969. 20:46:00.  Kerala             

This Lady is at a managerial post in a well known  pharmaceutical company.Since the beginning of her career she is into pharma. Makar Lagna. Yogkarak Shukra in 4H with Saturn in Mesh rashi. Mesh, the first  house of kaal purush kundli indicating self. Saturn a karak of disease.Venus owning the 10H of profession.

Chart 6. Female.24 September 1987. 11:20:00. Delhi.

This  female works in T.V. serials on daily soaps. Vrischik Lagna.Yogkarak  Chandra in 11H with Sun(fame), Venus(glamour, art), Ketu(obsession).She is an actress wanting to make herself a big name. 5-11 axis operate  related to media.

Chart 7.Female.2 May 1985. 01:20:00. Delhi.

This female is concept and screenplay writer for Television serials. She has many famous daily serials to her credit. Makar Lagna. Yogkarak Shukra in the 3H of writhing with Budh.

Chart 8. Male 1March 1964. 05:00:00.  Mumbai

This native is a Lawyer by proffession and in his free time  he helps his friend by teaching students at his coaching class daily. Makar Lagna. Yogkarak Shukra in 3H  of upadesh, communication with Jupiter, karak of  knowledge.

Chart 9. Male29 April 1962. 23:12:00.  Trichur/Kerala

This gentleman works as a personal secretary to the CEO of a well-known  firm. Dhanu Lagna. Yogkarak Surya in 5H in mesh rashi.Surya a planet related to higher  authority and Discipline and mesh a sign of discipline ans management.

Chart 10. Female. 15 December 1969. 09:30:00. Mumbai

This lady is a housewife. Makar Lagna. Yogkarak  Venus in 11H  of gains  with Sun in Vrischik rashi. She is very much egoistic about her social status and obsessed with accumulating more and more assets in her name.Vrischik sign a sign of   possessiveness and   generating under stagnant water. She always has  an insecurity of her husband leaving her, so she tries to extract as much as she can from him.( property, Jewellery,etc). her husband is a owner of a construction company with many projects in the market.

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