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Economic Forecast by Constantine Semenov

Economic Forecast by Constantine Semenov

Economic Forecast


Constantine Semenov

World financial system survives after Great Crash 2008. The worst crisis since ’30s, with no end yet! Anyway, the 2008 is shaping up to annus horribilis for the U.S. stock market. Heading into Friday’s session Nov 21, 2008, in which an early rally effort quickly faded, the S&P was down 49% year-to-date and on track for its worst year ever. Down 43% year to date, the Dow is heading for its second worst year in history, the WSJ reports, trailing only the 53% decline in 1931.

While the major averages tell a grim tale, the action in components of the S&P 500 speak to the extent of the devastation. Heading into Friday’s session:

  • 115 S&P stocks were trading under $10
  • 41 were trading under $5
  • 204 were trading with a market cap of less than $4 billion

Everybody suffers from this global economic crisis, rich men lost billions during the 2008 financial crisis. Poor men possess less than even they used to have! What was the origin of this crisis?

The origin is the finishing of Pluto in horoscope of the U.S. in Capricorn. I predicted the global collapse of capitalism in 2005 in article about Prophecy of Maya 2012.

The Economy of  USA

What was the beginning of this global financial crisis which started from summer 2007? It began from the declaration of financial problems by the Countrywide Financial Corporation, the largest mortgage organization (nation’s largest mortgage lender) giving credits under the dwelling. Founded on March 14, 1969 by two New Yorkers of David Loeb and Angelo R. Mozilo, in better times the company gave profits, some of the highest percentages in the history of the USA. One of the publications – Fortune named it “stock in 23,000%” and it is on that profitability it arose in one row with such leaders of profitableness as Washington Mutual, Wal-Mart – the largest supermarket of America, and Berkshire Of Hathaway, company of the richest man Warren Buffett!

Now it fell!

Chart 66

Astrological reasons were the following. First of all, basic planets changed their positive positions to the negative ones and companies went bust. All financial problems were created by the Saturn and Mars, and Jupiter, if this planet was in the close contact with these destructive planets. This fact leads to the crash of large, global scale. That also occurred in the USA into 2007 and was extended throughout the world into 2008! In this case, in the horoscope of Countrywide Financial Corporation, Jupiter has absolute destructive status – Jupiter is the ruler both Mars and Saturn simultaneously, since Saturn in Aries, and it rules Mars, and Mars in Sagittarius in the abode of Jupiter in horoscope of Countrywide Financial Corporation. Both planets have strong energy status – Saturn in Aries the first in the zodiac of the horoscope of company, Mars in the fiery sign and in the turn in retrograde motion, which makes it extremely destructive nature  in  activity! Moreover, in this horoscope aspect – position of Saturn is at the point of the turn of Mars approximately 128 -160 degrees! This is the point where Mars turns retrograde (this distance from Mars to the Sun, when it is turned retrograde or direct after being retrograde in the direct or retrograde motion) and one of the most destructive Saturn position if this destructive planet occurs in this point of 128 -160 degrees from Mars! Usually, this leads to the crash, which it was possible to avoid by re-registering the company on the other date (with another horoscope)! Important component, as shows experience, this aspect works destructively at all levels including catastrophes! This aspect was in the horoscopes of the aircraft chief pilots on commercial airlines, two last plane crashes on the Russian Air lines in August 2006 and the recent which was predicted by me in Saptarishis Astrology Vol 2,  air crash  in Perm’ Russia,  on September 14, 2008! The most interesting point, is in Osama Ben Laden also these is the same aspect in his horoscope, and September 11, 2001 there was also same aspect among Saturn and Mars! By the way, precisely, on September 11, 2001 there was this aspect in large orb! No comments! This is one of the most destructive aspects! The consequences of tragedy on September 11 were reflected in the economy of the USA and peace as a whole more than noticeably.

So, at the end 2006, Jupiter passed into the sign of Sagittarius, on natal Mars, in horoscope of Countrywide Financial Corporation. Strengthened negative influence retrograde transit Mars, which was in the opposition with Jupiter in the second-half 2007 and first half 2008, which included destructive program and neglected the complex effect of dominoes, in which there was entire financial system of the USA, which gave the money under the guarantee, and which were spent by borrowers those have taken the money into the debt under the guarantee of dwelling and not paid those money back in time! All this led to the collapse of American financial system!

Chart 67

By the way, Countrywide Financial Corporation suffered big losses in 1982 -1983, when Jupiter returned to the sign of Sagittarius and it was again with natal Mars. Same time Mars transit went retrograde in 1982 on natal Jupiter. This influencing strengthened the destructive activity of both planets! Saturn transit was also there on the border the signs of Virgo and Libra on natal Jupiter. This led company to suffer heavy losses during this period! As a result this company was acquired as bankrupt by Bank of America. Also it’s necessary to say about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that were nationalized and saved from bankruptcy! Scenario number one was performed!

Chart 68

Next ones for bail out were financial giants like these CitiGroup Inc. – almost bankrupt stocks fell below 3 $ in Nov 2008, compared with 52 $ a year ago in summer of 2007. Lehman Brothers went bankrupt in September 2008 and was not bailed out!  For example, in Citigroup horoscope the basis of problems composes the negative transit of Saturn on Natal Mars in the Virgo, very negative aspect.

The most interesting fact is the bankruptcy of the leader of the financial system Lehman Brothers. It completely became bankrupt in September 2008. It happened for the first time in 160 years of its glorious history in the negative position of immediately several planets. First of all this is the opposition of Saturn of transit to natal Saturn in the Pieces. However, the main destructive factor is the finishing of the cycle of Neptune in the horoscope of Lehman Brothers, which is ruler of natal Saturn in the Pieces and is, positioned Aquarius in horoscope of Lehman Brothers. This historical phenomenon for the first time occurred in 160 years of Lehman Brothers history, so negatively was reflected in the fate of company – the giant of the financial industry of the USA has fallen. As a whole the crisis struck the financial institutes of the USA because of the simultaneous activation of destructive factors in all companies’ horoscopes. Therefore this horror to Wall Street will end yet not soon and most likely smoothly, will pass into stagnation, when the stock market of the USA will not grow for several years. This is the cycle of motion of Saturn relatively to Pluto of the main  U.S. stock index of Dow Jones Industrial  Average began the period of finishing  the period of growth, in other words, summer, changed into autumn and later to cold winter. I guess the world capitalism will see the ice and snow soon!

Stock Markets

Of course the stock markets are the main indicators of progress in economy. So, it’s very important to analyze the horoscopes of stock exchanges NYSE and key stock markets indices such as DJIA, S&P 500, NASDAQ, NIKKEY, FTSE 100 etc.  The position of Saturn and Mars and aspect between them in the horoscope of Stock Exchanges is one of the most important!  These two planets indicate the level of drop in the prices and level of index change in points. It creates a crash in bad constellations!  One of the most destructive aspects is the Saturn position in point of Mars starting retrograde (the same as in the horoscope of that described above in horoscope of Countrywide Financial Corporation) you can find in horoscopes of all key U.S. Stock Market indices the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard & Poor’s 500, Russian stock index – RTS and in horoscopes of NYSE and NASDAQ. That means that American and Russian stock markets could be destroyed totally. It’s almost sensational that some destructive program always leads the markets to the death! The main question why these all key Market places and indexes have in horoscope same, such destructive aspect? And may by someone controls it? 

The NYSE, Tokyo Stock Market (TSE) and RTS horoscopes, the main destructive planet of crash – Saturn is located at the key points of zodiac – sign of Aries (NYSE, TSE) and Pisces (RTS)! In the practical aspect, this speaks, that in one period will begin the crash of market as this was in 1929 in the USA. For this reason, the crisis from one exchange, simply stated, throws on another market and so everything is brought down, although in the language of wise men this is more frequent than only emotion!

Contemporary financial crisis 2008 already compared with the Great Depression in the USA 1929 -1933. And there are actually bases. Financial indices with each year into the next 10 -11 years will deteriorate, and times will only be the small splashes of the lift of an increase in the economy. Cycle of Uranus will be finished in the horoscope of the Great Depression in 2011. That’s why this period could be the most dramatic in history of world economy. Opposition of Saturn and Jupiter in period of 1990 -1992 was heavy for the economy of USA! Here interesting connection. In 1929 Saturn was in the opposition with natal Mars in the sign of Cancer in the horoscope of the TSE thus it gave in it to the crash! Now Saturn moves along natal Mars in Virgo in the horoscope NYSE, which made the equity market in America to plunge so low. The opposition of transit Saturn to natal Saturn in the horoscope of New York  Stock Exchange 1981 – 1982 and 1952 -1953 it was the period of heavy recession! Basic corporations of the USA, such as Caterpillar inc. – the producer of the largest machines and technology in the world, suffered the millionth losses, the output level in the USA fell very low!

Its maximum value was achieved summer of 2007 more than 14 000 points, when Saturn was in the trine with Pluto. Now it smoothly passes into the square, the aspect negative and which reduces its value! As a result the tendency of its motion downward and smooth sliding down for a period of the following decade will correspond to the phase of the winter, when Saturn will move to Pluto into the sign of Capricorn. For example, the period of their opposition is the period of large shakings. So it was into 1929 – 1931, when the Great Depression in the USA began, and the same was in the period of tragedy on the September 11 in the USA, and subsequent after this market crashes. In both periods Pluto was in opposition with Saturn! These are more than serious arguments in favor of astrological influence on the fate of the world economy. As a rule the motion of Saturn to Pluto and their connection in conjunction will give the process of decrease and recession. So it was in mid 1970s after the Oil crisis and decrease in the economy of the USA, while so at the beginning of 1980s when Saturn and Pluto they were in conjunction and the economy of the USA was already in depression – major companies suffered great losses and citizens lost their money. The same history was also after the Second World War. When Saturn returned in the connection with Pluto and began the decrease with the sharp reduction of production. Strictly the same scenario awaits the USA and the majority of its satellites in the next decade. The growth times have ended.

Certainly, it is necessary to look at the problems of America more widely than simple key financial indices. This put together sums up the consequence of the beginning of the cycle of Pluto in USA horoscope, which already completes, and with its complete passage into the sign of Capricorn for the USA will begin very tough  times, which as a whole will be prolonged to 2024!  It reminds the history drama of the fall of the Roman Empire!  We can say about this with the confidence after reading about the by the fate of Roman Empire, which also survived the so-called crisis of the third century in the period of the finishing of the cycle of Pluto in the horoscope of the Roman Empire. By the way, it has fallen precisely on its second cycle in 474 A.D.! Sliding down into the pit! This prolonged, I would say protracted recession, in the darker tones this appears, as the economic decrease in the complex financial situation by several years forward! The crisis could last till Pluto meets Saturn and Jupiter in 2020!

European Scenario

In reality European crisis will not be affected so strongly by the economic and financial problems of the USA; therefore is not necessary to expect strong weakening of  Euro, the main currency on the currency market. FTSE and DAX, two basic stock indices of Great Britain and Germany will plunge at the beginning of 2009!

Russian Scenario

The period of huge growth of Russian stock market is over!

Chart 71

The basis of the horoscope of the stock exchange market of Russia is the index RTS. This index includes main 50 Russian – joint stock companies such as “Gazprom” JSC, “Noril’sk Nickel” JSC, “Aeroflot” JSC, “Lukoil” JSC. It is the main determining factor of the health of the economic and financial indices of Russian economy. Let us look at its past and will see into the future. Majority of astrologers consider the date of September, 1, 1995 as the base date for the horoscope. In the horoscope of RTS Saturn and Mars are very powerful! Why in 1997 there was the most significant decline in the index? Because of the finishing the cycle of Mars in the RTS horoscope in the opposition with Saturn transiting Aries. The prolonged retrograde motion of the Mars in the sign of Libra determined the trend of the decrease. As a result towards the end of the year in autumn 1997, when Mars were under natal control of Chiron, they were in the connection with natal Mars in the opposition with transit Saturn, the index fell. Drop continued in the period of the opposition of transit Saturn natal Mars in the horoscope of RTS.

By the way, the following finishing of the cycle of Mars in the same half year retrograde transit on natal Mars in 1999 affected the RTS index and it fell to its minimum point.
What happens next? Index fell catastrophically! This is connected with the opposition of natal Saturn to transit Saturn while finishing the cycle of Mars in the sign of Libra. Certainly, the beginning of drop began in May 2008, when transit Mars visited Leo in the opposition of Neptune and Chiron, in Aquarius, the natal rulers of Mars and Saturn in the horoscope of RTS. This gave the first wave of sales, further Mars was in the Virgo in the mutual opposition with Saturn transit to natal Saturn in Pisces in the horoscope RTS, and finished its cycle in Libra in September and October 2008 completing its victorious procession, after killing index RTS and reducing Russian market capitalization.

What I can advice to investors, to the holders of securities and to simple citizens? Market will continue to fall and stay in recession until transit Saturn passes through the Virgo and Libra in 2009 -2011! The economy of Russia is already past its way of increase, the period of the decrease came.

As a result the era of great financial turmoil has just begun!

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