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How to Predict Forex by Constantine Semenov

How to Predict Forex by Constantine Semenov

How To Predict Forex by

Constantine Semenov

The major concept in the capitalism world is how to predict the future of world money! Forex is the world money market that always moves. Presently, the foreign exchange market is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world. Traders include large banks, central banks, currency speculators, corporations, governments, and other financial institutions. The average daily volume in the global foreign exchange and related markets is continuously growing. Daily turnover was reported to be over US$3.2 trillion in April 2007 by the Bank for International Settlements. Since then, the market has continued to grow. According to Euromoney’s annual FX Poll, volumes grew a further 41% between 2007 and 2008.

Of the $3.98 trillion daily global turnover, trading in London accounted for around

$1.36 trillion, or 34.1% of the total, making London by far the global center for foreign exchange. In second and third places respectively, trading in New York accounted for 16.6%, and Tokyo accounted for 6.0%. In addition to “traditional” turnover, $2.1 trillion was traded in derivatives.

Of course, the main concept is that Forex is driven by planets! How it works? 

Trend factor and Non-trend factor

What does it mean?

Trend factor.  It means that some planets in their interactions creates trend – the moving of price in certain direction.  

How miditrend moves currency? Miditrend is the trend that lasts almost a year! It lasts too long for a investor to think what decision he can make! 

Miditrend – Several key rules.

Two planets effect

What does it mean? It means that one or several planets make different kind of aspects to the important planets. At the same time it could be the negative aspects to one planet and positive to another. It moves the currency price trend to the edge position or trend making it’s high and low! In other words it’s called points of maximum and minimum of energy! Something like that could be seen in spring when winter out and in autumn when winter in! This is Chinese principle of Yin and Yang.   

One of the most powerful elements is the interaction of Saturn and Jupiter with super planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It drives currencies ultimately!  It’s very important – the role of distant planets. They determine the way of trend for major currencies. It’s really hard to say why, but it could be the result of their horoscopes activity. It doesn’t matter, it moves and people are doing money. The main reason is the moving of major planets Jupiter and Saturn.

Key planet principle

    Every currency has its own significator, or planet influencing its currency. Every currency has its own major planet, for example Neptune for USD and Pluto for GBP.

This is the principle of two. When Saturn and Jupiter interact with trans-Saturnian’s planets, at the same time to be in the particular aspect with two planets, making stronger one and weaker another. It depends on aspect. Trine creates rise of currency and opposition vice versa.  

I guess these principals are valid for major currencies. As example, I show you the survey analyses of GBP\ USD.

Notable examples:

Have a look how GBP\USD moves under these factors.


January 2000 – June 2001

What was the cause of strengthening of dollar?  The cause was the trine between Saturn and Jupiter in Gemini to Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius. Same time, Saturn and Jupiter were in strong opposition with Pluto in Sagittarius! GBP\USD fell from 1.666 in January 2000 to 1.37 in June 2001!  Significant change! By the way in minitrend it was perfect reflected. In June 2001, when most planets were in opposition in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini, GBP\USD fell the deepest point. You could see it by yourself!

2002 – 2004

Why GBP rose? Because. Jupiter moved out from opposition with Pluto in 2002 and entered to opposition with Neptune in 2002 – 2003. In 2002 GBP was 1.41 and in 2004 it rose to 1.95. It was the weakening of dollar in opposition of Jupiter with Neptune and at the same time strong trine with Pluto in Sagittarius.

Remember that strong position of one currency is the weakening of another!

Of course, some configurations had places on natal planets and moved transits too. It has to be mentioned. But this fact is absolute! 


From the end of 2004, Jupiter moved in Libra and situation changed obviously! The USD started to be stronger. The reason was trine of Jupiter and Neptune in air signs. Don’t forget that these planets are considered as dollars planets. That’s why GBP\USD sharply changed its direction downward from the end of 2004 1.93 – 1.72!

2006 – 2008

New rise of GBP\USD was in the period when Jupiter and Pluto were in conjunction. This aspect is totally positive for them. GBP\USD peaked 2. 000. Almost record! It was caused by additional strong position of Saturn to these two planets and its opposition to Neptune key dollar planet in 2006 – 2007! It drove USD down! I hope you understand the concept! You must determine the condition of one and another currency!

Second half of 2008

This period was the disaster for GBP. GBP\ USD fell from 2 to 1.35! Historical falling down.


First reason was the weakening of the pound – Jupiter left the conjunction with Pluto. The next reason was the strengthening of the dollar. Jupiter entered Aquarius and was in conjunction with Neptune, the planet that make dollar stronger.

As you see, Pluto has a dominant position in this influencing on GBP\ USD as in minitrend and miditrend too. Every currency has its own major planet, for example Neptune for USD and Pluto for GBP. This is the principle of two. When Saturn and Jupiter interact with trans-Saturnian planets, at the same time be in a particular aspect with two planets it makes one currency stronger and another weaker.    

Non-trend factor. This is the interaction of planets that don’t create the trend but drives the price up and down when this factor occurs and becomes strong. Usually it lasts two or three days! According to the astrological research of Forex, this factor depends on two or three planets that make particular aspect with each other during the period when it lasts. For example trine between Moon and Venus or Mars could drive the price in certain direction while this aspect occurs and strong. Now, according to the astrological research of Forex, I could tell that some non trend factors for USD\JPY drives it down in 40 occasions from 46 occurrences. Some non-trend factors for GBP\ USD, almost 100% factor, that drives it down for last 2 years.  EUR\USD is also driven down in 100% occasions, during strong non-trend factor occurs in same certain period.  USD\CHF has 80% occurrence when it is driven down. All about this you can read in my lessons about “How to predict Forex”. 

Of cause about 70% to 90% of the foreign exchange transactions are speculative. In other words, the person or institution that bought or sold the currency has no plan to actually take delivery of the currency in the end; rather, they were solely speculating on the movement of that particular currency. Hedge funds have gained a reputation for aggressive currency speculation since 1996. They control billions of dollars of equity and may borrow billions more, and thus may overwhelm intervention by central banks to support almost any currency, if the economic fundamentals are in the hedge funds’ favor. That’s why this subject of my course of how to predict Forex is too important to foresee what will be next day!

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