Sukar Nadi ‐ 4 Mercury In Different Houses

Sukar Nadi ‐ 4 Mercury In Different Houses

                                     Mercury in I house

If strong Mercury is in lagna, the native will be intelligent, have proficiency in writing, a  magician mind, will know two languages, will be handsome and attractive to females.

Brave and Courageous, friendly with relatives, short tempered, good to outsiders, fond ofgood food and pan, will live a life praised by all, long hand and legs with dense hair, broadchest, proper teeth line and broad forehead.

Will have intentions to take away the things of others, will attain proficiency with one foreign language, will punish those who oppose him, and have many friends of the opposite sex, will be fond of his brave children with whom he will show extra love and affection.

Publisher: Mercury is the significator (karaka) for intelligence, mastery over communications and language. The reason is in the Kala Chakra Kundali (Natural Zodiac) Mercury rules the sign Gemini & it is in the 3H which symbolizes writing, language, communication and brings in the intelligence of the male and female energy(Gemini) into the Ascendant (Lagna). 3H is the house of hands and if itslord comes in Asc which is the body, it brings in those qualities of broad chest and long hands to the 1H.


American‐British poet, playwright, literary critic and editor; he was a leader of the modernistic movement in poetry. Eliot was awarded both the British Order of Merit and the Nobel Prize for Literature. From 1911 to 1914 he studied Sanskrit and read Indian philosophy back at Harvard. Probably one of the most erudite English poets of his time, his first important published work and the first masterpiece of modernism in English was “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” You can see that Mer is in the Asc with Asc lord making this Mercury very strong thereby. Mercury is also 9H lord, and he had learnt Sanskrit too. Sukar Rishi says Mer in 1H can give mastery over two languages and one of them could be a foreign language (Sanskrit in this case). There is a small but ignored and yet unrevealed method of seeing a chart. Take the above chart for example. The Asc is 7 in number. Go to 7 th house of the chart. This will become key. 7H is house of public and relationship, so when he activated this house by his work, called ĀLove Song of J. Alfred Prufrockā, his Asc got activated, that is, his Mercury. The Lord of his 7H is mars which is conjoined with his 3L of writing, Jupiter, and placed in the 2H of status ü which he is what he got and he earned from it too, as it is 2H of vocation.

This Mer in 1H is shared in the charts of celebrity communicators like George Lucas, British actorwriter David Benson and so on.

Mercury in II house If Mercury is in second house, will have children (5ZYWa BMagyam), knowledge in sciences (sMasYWas), wealthy (dMaSavaaS) like king, will get hidden treasures, will enjoy all types of comforts (GMTg), doer of good deeds, will live clean life, smart enough to make even enemies bow to him

Pleasant and Sweet talker, less education, prolific speaker, more interested in search of wealth, will spend or will lose some wealth due to lust, will create wealth independently.

Ability to know others behavior, will praise the saints (sadMZās), not afraid of death (not afraid of lord of death), strong will, self developed knowledge in music, nice to outsiders, excessive affection over woman folks, will live a life praised by others
Publisher: If we take the words self developed knowledge in music to mean in a loose manner those who are in effect in the music business, we get 151 charts of celebs who are in the music business in some form or the other. See chart below of a composer.


Scottish poet, composer and folk singer. Henderson was awarded the Somerset Maugham Award in 1948 for his poetic work, “Ninth Elegy for the Dead in Cyrenaica.” One may observe that his Mer is in the 2 nd house, as per Sukar Rishi, giving him music ability but it is with Rahu (dead ones) and incidentally his work is titled 9th Elegy for the Dead…’

                                                                   Mercury in III house
Comfortable, will have brothers, growth in the house, wife will have divine blessings of Goddess of Wealth (mother Lakshmi) and have comforts of keeping and growing cow at home

Will learn many types of skills, fine arts like sculpture, including jyotish will come to him voluntarily (say automatically), interested in enjoying pursuits of pleasure in the initial part of life and in later part, will be interested in doing good deeds and will live as such. During middle age, will get gastric illness which will be cured later.

Brother will take birth and then die. There is excess love and affection over his children. He will not inherit or get father’s property. There is deep religious belief, he is interested in woman folk, loved by outsiders, and will do lot of punya deeds (good deeds), be
obedient to his parents and will never ignore their words.
Publisher: Our database search revealed around 229 charts for astrologers & predictors. You can see

that Sage Sukar mentions Jyotish will come automatically and wife will have blessings of the goddess of wealth – Mother Lakshmi. Lets take the chart of the Varahamihira of the West, the one they called William Lilly

Mercury in IV house

Will have rights but for what is not given clearly stated, will speak quickly, or otherwise also can indicate a quick nature. The word þ aadigaamam shirushta balitthuduÿ can also mean excessive adherence to idealism, say a perfect character.

Will acquire lands and building, will keep doing charity even at the cost his health, kindand fond of good passionate music, will decipher and say justice, proficiency in manyskills, liar, ability to make all believe.

Will possess lands, animals like cow, etc., will acquire yoga like surya, will have greatname and fame, wealth will come in many ways, too much attraction to woman, fond of sensual pleasures, will live a life praised by others during entire life term, good personality,excellent diplomatic qualities, as he knows when to speak what.

                                                                  Mercury in V house

Sick and illness, danger to pNYWZās (ancestors), intelligent, will live praised life, children (sons) will take birth and then die, cheating intentions, adamant, strong will, will do many business

Will not believe his spouse, fond of food and snacks, will keep on changing places and willbe adopted by somebody, will possess huge wealth, will marry two wives and live entirelife term, fond of son, a sweet talker.

Publisher: 5H is the house of oneās intelligence/mind and Mer the intelligent planet placed in 5h can give intelligence as stated by Sage Sukar. Mercury is a neutral gender planet and it being placed in the5h of children is not conducive for child birth. Hence Rishi (sage) mentions children will take birthand die. Also in the Kala Chakra Kundali Mer owns the 3H ü death & 6H of diseases, hence it being placed in the 5H of children can make them die very early. Often during our early years of astrologywe take a dictum from a classic of a sage and when it does not work in 100% of the charts we ignore it or blame that sageās rules for not working, in the process forgetting that if a rule has been it is just for a basic understanding, and we forget that the other 8 planets must also contribute to the event to happen. Records search shows 18 cases of parents who had Mer in 5H and one of their children have died either instantly or even as late as the age of 30 whereas the above verse means infant mortality and not death of child in 20s, 30s. For example, the case of Bill Cosby (note daylight savings is applicable in this chart) the American comedian actor famous for his show  ‘The Cosby Show’.


On 1/17/1996 his only son, Ennis, was shot to death while changing a flat tire on a freeway off‐ramp,in Bel Air, CA. His son Ennis was born on 04/15/1969.The sage mentions children will take birth and then die, but that is to be taken to be reflectedin the case of charts of parents. Letās twist it and see in charts of children who were born and died if this rule applies keeping in the backdrop that Mer is 3L of death & 6L of obstacles in Naisargik Chart.

Now, generally we take 1H for the entry of the soul, but there are traditions which take 5H for entry of the soul and 9H for exit of the soul. Some take 5h for previous birth and 9H for future births hence this window of 5H entry and 9H exit is taken by those traditions in India. Let us for the sake of Mercury in 5H study how many charts one gets of cases of infant mortality: we get 29 cases of infant mortality from our limited database. Examples aren’t  proven if a rule given by a sage can be twisted, but for the sake of freedom of expression lets take an example below

Australian Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The baby died on 11/18/1977, two months old. Here Mer is in the 5H & the baby died. One can notice that the lordship of Mer is 6L & 3L conjoined with Saturn Sun. The jeva (life) Jupiter is in mansa satna karna (not happy position) with Asc Lord (self) Mars. Noteworthy for Jupiter in Marana Karaka Position, it is a night birth.

Attempt is not being made to twist the words of the sage but to make us think differently and see in light the characteristics of Mercury when we relate its energies to Kala Chakra Kundali which normally astrologers avoid to see that it is a 3L of death and 6L of obstacles and disease and we normally just think of Mer as communications.

                                                                 Mercury in VI house

Aversion to food, diseases of lower abdomen (kunma roga), pain in the lower abdomen, piles, these three incurable diseases will keep on harassing or hurting. The person will lose weight and will become lazy and become master in complaining about everything.

Loss of uncle and house, if aspected by malefics. If aspected by benefics, then growth,some kind of illness (must be hereditary) will appear but later get cured, good life in laterpart, will get all things like magic, lifelong will be mentally worried.

Younger brother is very famous, disease due to sexual affairs with many woman will catch his testicles, marital bliss with wife is less, attracted to prostitutes, will accumulate wealth including lands, will live dominant life during entire life term without any hassles.


Sage Sukar suggests that Mer in the 6H gives abdominal diseases that could be incurable. Of course,we all know that things cannot be taken in solitude and that the whole chart needs to be studied. His time of birth is as per his father’s letter in a biography by J.G. Prodhomme. Astro data bank gives source of death as kidney disease & poor health. Note Mer in 6H for abdominal diseases and observe that he died in the 36th year which means 12th House as per BCP method. Now 12th lord of death/exit is Moon who is placed in the 4H with Pluto (Yama) and this moon is in Jyestha Nakshatra whose lord Mer (Sukar Rishiās verse) is placed in the 6H of abdominal disease. Coming back to the 12H of 36th year of exit, it has Neptune over there, which means something mysterious/non traceable, so his death can be of a kind which would never be traced. Wikipedia says ‘The cause of Mozart’s death cannot be determined with certainty. Dozens of theories have beenproposed, including trichinosis, influenza, mercury poisoning, and a rare kidney ailment.ā Once again lets see his 36th year = 12H over there Neptune is placed and the 12L is Moon so these two planets can give some events. 12th lord Moon is 27.20 which when converted to days is 332.78 days. Added to his last birth day, we get the date as 20th Dec 1791, whereas his date of death was 5th Dec 1791. 

                           Other Charts with Mer in 6H & Stomach Problems

Name: ATGET, JEAN EUGENE, Date: 2/12/1857, Time: 18:00 LMT (+0:01), Place: Libourne, France Lat: 44 N 55 Lng: 00 W 14

Details: French photographer, renowned for the wide variety of his work that ranged from shrubs andflowers to street musicians and architecture, to indoors and outdoors shots that earned him areputation by some of being one of the greatest photographers that ever lived.

Mer in 6H: Plagued by a stomach ulcer in his 50ās, he drank nothing but boiled water and ate nothingbut a form of pancake. His diet consisted of bread, milk and lump sugar.

Name: ANGELINI, ANNAGEMMA, Date: 12/30/1933, Time: 17:50 MET (‐1:00), Place: Zucchi, ItalyLat: 44 N 29, Lng: 11 E 26

Details: Italian journalist and musical critic.

Mer in 6H: Died of cancer of pancreas 6/15/1986.

Name: JOFFREY, ANVER, Date: 12/24/1928, Time: 18:43 PST (+8:00), Place: Seattle, WA, Lat: 47 N36 Lng: 122 W 20

Details: American dancer and choreographer who held dance as his dream from the age of seven

Mer in 6H: He suffered from asthma and died of a treatment for an ailment that caused a liver condition, on 3/25/1988, New York.

                                               Mercury in VII house

Guru with different approach, scholar and jSaSN (very knowledgeable), saint like….

Will get wife’s property, loved by Vedic scholars, will have sexual affairs voluntarily with many woman, critic knowledge in music, will do many punya deeds, will have an illness  due to woman, egoistic talker and will live without any loss.

Will satisfy his sexual pleasure by asking woman to do/perform, will build a house withland, wealthy, good personality, charitable talker, will not do any harm or bad, will learn ancient texts by asking questions, blessings of vak devi saraswathi, will be able to understand the nuances of various types of music.

(Publisher: Kindly note that Rishi Sukar mentions ĀBlessings of Vak Devi Saraswathiā & ĀKnowledge of Ancient Texts’ , for an astrologer in India the most desired thing is Vak Siddhi, which means whatever he says comes true and this is attributed since Ancient times to Goddess Saraswathiā. Shri B.V. Raman the late renowned astrologer also had Mer in 7H and his knowledge of ancient texts is well known.


                                                         Mercury in VIII house

With long life and house, will flourish, become fatty and childish, will grow manifold, and earn popularity Deceptive, ability to know /understand even undiscovered Vedas including Jyotish, can remain like cat which attracts lot of bees, excessive talker, say argumentative, excessive attraction to and thinking about woman with big breasts. Short tempered, will change his hatred over woman quickly, will talk sweetly with learnedpeople to know suitable works for him, not afraid of lord of death, one woman will haveaffair with him voluntarily, will live life happily in own house with land, animals, andother comforts.

                                                              Mercury in IX house

As bright as light of Krishna, affected with sickness caused by vata, pitta, and kapha disorders

Will have special property, have comforts of servant maids, have fame life long, be fond of many things, have father’s property, have strong opinions and expertise in mathematics.

With specific focus, will accumulate a lot of wealth, say 100,000 sovereigns, glows as bright as the Sun, interested in decorating himself, have a good personality and charitable words. Everybody including the king will respect him, be a sweet talker, will live without any fear. His touch on things will show yogam, say gains.

                                                       Mercury in X house

One who performed punya deeds, dharma deeds, enjoyer of comforts, will cause eye illnesswhich will trouble him a lot.

His fame is such that even a king will respect and bow. He is fatty, of a charitable nature,good personality and build, will first understand the work and then s/he works hard, can make people work like revolving wheel with his brilliance, will learn many skill sets, does not worry at all (takes it easy), is nice to outsiders, not good with relatives.

Will do much business, before predicting consider the nakshatra padas on which the mercury is placed in this house, has no use or benefit of position attained, and will reveal, only when depressed, lifelong worries but earns name and fame in life.

                                                             Mercury in XI house

Unfettered profits and gains, will be loyal and truthful.

More interest in profits and gains, have elder siblings, less marital bliss with wife,attracted to prostitutes, have the nature of accumulating things in many ways for giving it to woman folk, not so much clean character.

                                                                            Mercury in XII house

Wants to do immediately everything, but he thinks or plans or wants, smart, courageous,will be supported by kings (say, superiors or higher ups)

In later part of the life, he will have illness caused by vata disorder which may lead to hisdeath. Also, has rebirth, (Rishi says he has only revealed part of mercury in 12 th .)Thus ends the results of Mercury in 12 houses as per Sukar Nadi, in the next chapter we will see results of Jupiter in 12 houses.

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