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Ultimate Rahu Transit Technique by Ricardo Riberio

The Ultimate Rahu Transit Technique by Ricardo Riberio

Edited By: Dipesh Parmar In Jyotish astrologers are always in search of techniques that will give them highly accurate timing of events, techniques that get a “Wow” response from a client. Most will be aware of Mahadashas, Antardashas, Transits, etc. But nowadays we’re in the era of fast food, instant …

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Gajakesari Yoga in the Birth Chart of Famous Personalities by Saumita Mazumdar

The Scienceof Astrology (5)

Gajakesari Yoga in the Birth Chart of famous personalities. By: Saumita Mazumdar Yogas or planetary combinations are results of many such hundreds combination of two or more planets conjoining that produces benefic or malefic results in a birth chart, when two or more naturally benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Waxing …

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Exception Rules to BPHS by Manish Agarwal

Exception Rules to BPHS by Manish Agarwal

Edited By: Vinayak Bhatt This article is based on Jataka Mani Manjusa written by Challa Soma Sundaram which in turn based on Jataka Narayaneeyam. Basically this deals with the exception rule to generally known rule of BPHS and they are bit advance in nature. I am reproducing some rule from …

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Historical Roots of Tajika Astrology By Muhammad Imran

Historical roots Image

Tajika is special branch of Indian astrology that deals with Horary and Annual Horoscopy in the technical manner of mid-eastern and western astrological traditions. No doubt, Indian astrology has a long history of Horary (Prasna) as well as casting annual and monthly charts, probably way before any other tradition. Indians …

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Tarot Reading an Abundant Divinity Tool by Rachana Agarwal


Author : Rachana AgarwalEditor : Ricardo Ribeiro Did I have a direct way into tarot reading? No, it wasn’t! Slowly and steadily, it attracted me, and I paved my way into this distinguished divination technique. The journey of tarot cards is no less a roller coaster. From a medium of …

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Jupiter’s Curse Part 1 By Kiran Gupta

Jupiter Image

There are Jupiter curses for all houses. This article covers curses associated with Jupiter in 1st house, 6th house and 9th house. Jupiter in 1st house Such natives may get born into very well-to-do families. They are very nice and helpful. They help everyone. They may be wise and are …

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Graha Dosh and Nivaaran by P S Venkataramanan

The Scienceof Astrology (3)

Author : P S Venkataramanan Editer  : Vinayak Bhatt All human beings face some kind of problem or other at various points of time and they must have come across advices given by various spiritual persons/astrologers. Learned persons attribute the various difficulties to the different types of Graha Dosham (Dosh) …

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Some Classic Combinations at the Time of Death by Gopal krishna

Time of Birth Image

Edited By – Vinayak Bhatt Brihadjathak (BJ) by Acharya Varahamihira is the most authentic text available for practical astrology. It is very brief, terse but substantial work. The first two chapters of this marvelous work deals with the inherent characteristics and strengths of the twelve zodiac Signs, twelve houses, and …

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Karna The Limb of Panchang for Profession and Assets by K K Rajan

The Scienceof Astrology (2)

Karna: The Limb of Panchang for Profession and Assets By : K K Rajan Editer – Vinayak Bhatt There are five limbs of Panchang. They are identified as follows: Day or Vaar whose element is fire and denotes Strength and Tithi whose element is water and denotes Relationship and Karna …

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Denial of Marriage By Gayathri Ramadurai

Denial Of Marriage Image

The following explanations are taken from the Tamizh Book “Vivaha Vinyanam” by P.S. Iyer. About P.S.Iyer The author of this book, the Great Legend P.S.Iyer was born on 2nd July, 1921 Saturday, Krithika Nakshatra, Tula Lagna, Puthukkottai Samasthanam in a village called Tirumanjeri. Upanayana Samskara was formally done when he …

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The Power of Crystals Black Tourmaline by Dipesh Parmar

The Power of crystal Image

SA Volunteer: Ricardo Ribeiro If you could choose just one crystal for yourself or your home, tourmaline would by far be the obvious choice. This is because it has the ability to absorb negative energy from its environment and keep it trapped within its unique, inner structure. Unlike the shiny …

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The Science of Astrology by Dr. Pavan Joshi


Author:- Dr. Pavan Joshi Editor :-  Vinayak Bhatt The influence of celestial bodies on Earth has several obvious manifestations: life on Earth depends on the Sun, seasons are linked to its position in the sky (due to the non-perpendicularity of the Earth’s rotation axis with respect to the ecliptic plane), …

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Finding Date of Marriage Through Nadi Astrology

Marriage date Prediction Image

Deepak Taneja, India SA Volunteer: Vishal Sharma In Nadi astrology, the directional aspect is very important, which means planets in the same direction have a strong influence on each other and a special yoga. Planets have 2/12 relations, and 3/11 relations and planets in opposition have special influence, depending upon …

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Education vs Literacy by Abhishaik Chitraans

Education Image 1

The human being has been considered to be civilized for living in self-made houses, eating cooked food and wearing colourful and designed clothes, but the question remains – “are we literate or educated to be considered  civilized?” Yes, there is a major difference is in these two words, education and …

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Amrit Manthan by Vijay K Chawla

Amrit Manthan Image

SA Volunteer: Dipesh Parmar We today talk about a unique sensitive point for the timing of events throughthe “Use of Degree wise Navamsa Chart”. This writeup tells us about the use of transits and progressed planets for timing the events in a horoscope. These transits and progressed planets need not …

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