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Application of Epistemology to Astrology By Luciano Drusetta

Epistemology Image1

Translated and Rewritten into English by the Author Reviewed & Proof Read for SA by: Pamela Jablonski U.S.A. (Answer to a question originally posted on the Usenet newsgroup of astrology First published as an article in Ciro Discepolo’s magazine Ricerca ’90 issue 39 “Dear XY; In the newsgroup you …

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Chronicle Of a Debate By Luciano Drusetta

Debate Image

translated into Castilian by the Author Reviewed by: Gloria Guajardo All rights reserved Article published in the journal Cyrus astrological Discepolo “Ricerca ’90” number 43 from page 52 From time to time on the Internet also turns into fashion the fascinating (but sometimes boring) debate on the topic: Astrology and …

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2009 Triple Eclipses by Chakrapani Ullal

2009 Triple Eclipses

Many of you are aware that there are three eclipses in 2009 and have inquired as to the significance.  The following is a short explanation. As you may know, the first eclipse, a lunar eclipse occurred on July 7.  A second, more important solar eclipse occurred on July 21, 22, …

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Nawaz Sharif swearing-in chart Analysis By M Imran

Swearing Chart Image

Lagna Scorpio and lagna lord Mars are falling into fixed sign. Significator of government and ruler (Sun) has high shadbal and ashtakavarga score. Prima facie, this is a good omen for sustainability of government. Lang lord Mars is associated with 10th lord Sun in kendra. As a result, premature termination …

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Gandanta Case Studies by G. H. Visweswara

Role of Rahu & Ketu At the Time of Death By Bhausaheb Sakurkar (1)

Introduction: Rashi Sandhi & Gandanta: What literature on astrology says. Literature on Astrology says that planets positioned at the end of all the signs cause health as well as relationship problem. The karakatwa related to those houses such as marriage, profession would not be stable. Planets placed at the beginning …

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5 Must Read for Jyotish Beginners By M. Imran

Jyotish Book Image

One day, a young friend of mine showed his eagerness to learn Jyotish. He had no access to traditional Pundit, Guru, or Vedic Astrology School hence books could only help him. He was only familiar to some names and traits of 12 sun-signs that usually print in every second magazine …

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The Astrology Of Osteoporosis by Gautam Dave

Role of Rahu & Ketu At the Time of Death By Bhausaheb Sakurkar

Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by a decrease in the density of bone reducing its strength and resulting in fragile bones. Osteoporosis literally leads to abnormally porous bone that is compressible, like a sponge. This disorder of the skeleton weakens the bone and results in frequent fractures (breaks) in the …

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Experimenting With Vaara Chakra and Hora Chakra By M. Imran

Vara Chakra Image

Among all astrological factors, weekday (in Sanskrit: Vaara) is the most common element that is known and used by everyone for his daily affairs. Interestingly, perhaps fortunately, there exists no difference between orders of weekday names. That is, a Sunday is Sunday, and a Monday is Monday, throughout the world. …

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Nabhasa Yogas by G.K. Goel

Role of Rahu & Ketu At the Time of Death By Bhausaheb Sakurkar (14)

“If one has realized one’s self here, truth is fulfilled; if one does not realize one’s self here, it is a supremely GREAT loss. Reflecting upon the self in every experience the wise transcend this world and immortality (Self)”. -Kenopanishad, Cp2 (5) Introduction Each planet, Rasi (Sign) and Bhava (house) …

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Snap Shot Prediction On Three Stages Of Life By M. Imran

Snap Shot Image

While reading commentary of Brihat Jataka, it appears that Varahamihira succinctly maintains a dasa system that is built upon planetary positions in kendra, panaphara and apoklima houses. It is different from Naisargika Dasa. Unfortunately, most of the Jyotish learners of present day think Brihat Jataka merely presents Naisargika Dasa which …

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Combining Varshaphal and Birth Charts by Gary Gomes

Combining Varshaphal and Birth Charts

Varshaphal[1] charts are intended to give a microscopic viewpoint of the chart of the individual karmic pattern of the individual. Literally, Varshaphal means “fruit of the year”. The Varshaphal chart, at least as I was taught, was never intended to be a chart that was interpreted independently of the annual …

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Egyptian Astrologer Rhetorius & Rare Combinations By M. Imran

Egyptian Astrology Image

Rhetorius the Egyptian was a noted classical astrologer of early Byzantine era, who enlightened us from the lost Treasuries of Antiochus. There exist varied claims about the time of Rhetorius. Famous scholar and translator James Holden in his ‘History of Horoscopic Astrology’ maintains that Rhetorius the Egyptian lived around 505 …

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Concept of Bhavottama House – Bhava – Vargottama by G. K. Goel

Prasana Marga annunciates following seven yogas, which lays down the basis of formation of yogas of all categories:                                    Chapter Nine-Sloka: 49, 50, 51 and 52: There are seven varieties of yogas: a. those …

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Fixed Stars – as above, so below By M. Imran

Fixed Star Image

Starry sky has always fascinated humans for millennia. The relics and remains of the antiquity are evident of the significance of sky. Modern research works unveil that many ancient beliefs were primarily outcome of star lore. Later the computation and calculation of the planets, eclipses, arrival of new years, and …

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Awakening the Inner Sense – Some Methods & Meditation Objects


Awakening the Inner Sense – Some Methods &  Meditation Objects What we know as our weekday is a tide of miscellaneous information which we receive with our five senses and put together to an integral picture in the brain. The sense organs are the gates of our body – they …

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